Which Las Vegas Hotel often receives requests for the “Rain Man Suite” and the “Hangover Suite”?

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People who have seen “The Hangover” and “Rain Man” will inevitably remember the hotel rooms they featured. Throughout this article, we will examine the following question:


The answer is the Caesars Palace one of the renowned hotels in Las Vegas.

What is Rain Man Suite?

In 1988, a hotel room is known as the “Rain Man Suite” was used in the movie “Rain Man”. Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Valeria Golino, and Dustin Hoffman starred in the movie. It is known for the dance scene between Charlies and Raymond in the suite. Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has the Emperor Suite.

Caesars hangover suite


At $3,500 a night, the two-bedroom apartment suite remains open to the public. According to movie footage, it offers 1,800 square feet of space.

What is Hangover Suite?

In the movie “The Hangover,” the “Hangover Suite” was a two-bedroom suite with three seating areas, a high-top table, and a wet bar. There is no such room in reality as the one shown in the film. The main elements and aspects of the suite are taken from the hotel Caesars Palace’s suite 2452.

The “Hangover Suite” provides a variety of amenities and features to its guests. In addition, 2,900 square feet of space are provided in the living room. Rooms are available for $1,760 per night on average.

Which Las Vegas Hotel Has the Hangover Suite?

At Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, you’ll find the “Hangover Suite.”. This hotel and casino is located at 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109.
At Caesars Palace, room 2452 was used for the filming of the “Hangover Suite” scene. In reality, the hallway, doors, and exterior of the Augustus Tower suite look nothing like the one in the movie. During filming, certain alterations and improvisations were made to the room to suit the cinema’s needs.

Where is the Rain Man Suite?

A prominent and iconic Caesars Palace suite, the “Rain Man Suite,” made the resort famous. The Emperor Suite is actually located in the Forum Tower and goes by the name Emperor Suite.

After winning considerably at the blackjack tables, the Babbitt brothers went to room 6316 to spend the night.

Is the Villa real in Hangover?

Caesars Palace does not have the “Villa” in the movie “The Hangover”. Stage 15 was where it was designed and made at Warner Bros. This suite was inspired by the Emperor Suite in the Forum Tower in Rain Man.


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