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What Type of Network Traffic requires QoS?

What Type of Network traffic Requires QoS?

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Answer: video conferencing

What is QoS in Networking?

A quality of service (QoS) mechanism or technology controls network traffic and ensures critical applications’ performance with limited network capacity by controlling traffic. It allows organizations to prioritize specific high-performance applications in order to adjust their overall network traffic.

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Typically, quality-of-service is applied to networks carrying traffic for resource-intensive systems. Among the services requiring it are IPTV, online gaming, streaming media, videoconferencing, video on demand, and Voice over IP (VoIP). 

Organizations can optimize the performance of multiple applications on their networks and gain visibility into the bit rate, delay, jitter, and packet rate of their networks by using Quality of Service in networking. In this way, they can engineer traffic on their network and change how packets are routed to the internet or other networks to avoid transmission delays. As a result, the organization is able to deliver the expected user experience and achieve the expected service quality for applications.

A key goal of QoS is to enable networks and organizations to prioritize traffic, which includes dedicated bandwidth, low latency, and controlled jitter. Technology is vital to improving the performance of business applications, wide-area networks (WANs), and service provider networks.

How Does QoS Work?

Using QoS networking, packets are marked to identify service types, then routers create virtual queues for each application based on their priority. Due to this, bandwidth is reserved for critical applications or websites.
In network traffic, QoS technologies allocate capacity and handle specific flows. As a result, the network administrator can control packet handling order and bandwidth allocation for each application.
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