What is zamak used for?

Zamak 3 alloy has high corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties compared with other zinc alloys. Therefore, this alloy is widely used in a wide range of industries. This alloy is also preferred for die casting because it offers good surface finishes. It is very hard, easy to machine and very useful for cast parts in automobile industry and electronic products, which require precision castings.

Zamak 3 is also useful for special die casting operations such as vacuum sealing, vacuum transfer molding, and multi-shot injection molding. For machining zamak die casting applications, Zamac 3 provides high-strength and excellent resistance to wear. It is widely used in aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive, and electronics industries.

Injection molding: zamak die casting is used to create large amounts of cast parts in a short period of time. These parts include small engine cylinder heads, pistons, flywheel assemblies, gear casters, and wheels. After the molten zinc is poured into the mold cavity, it solidifies at a fast rate and a thin layer of molten zinc covers the interior of the mold. The molten zinc is allowed to cool and harden. The part is then removed from the mold and the surface finish is polished to provide the final product.

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