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What is cPanel? Learn the important facts about a cPanel?

cPanel is a trendy hosting control panel that makes it easy for anyone to maintain, manage and host their sites. Moreover, cPanel is a Linux-based graphical interface used as a control panel to facilitate the websites and manage the servers. However, the best thing about cPanel is it helps you to publish your websites, manage your system like domains, set your files, and many more. cPanel is one of the very famous control panels in the whole world. Therefore, you should know the important facts about a cPanel because it may help you further.

Important facts about a cPanel:

Now, discuss just some features that make cPanel your best choice.

Simple GUI:

The most noticeable feature of cPanel is its flexible, adjustable and straightforward interface. However, your tasks can quickly complete with the click of a button because of cPanel, which would otherwise need knowledge and experience with hosting servers. cPanel offers easily readable and descriptive icons that help you complete your task and manage your site. Therefore, these kinds of features make your site attractive and noticeable.

Manage your domains & accounts with cPanel:

cPanel is also famous for managing your domains and accounts. With cPanel, you can easily keep track of your parts and control, edit, create, update and modify your existing sites attached to your hosting account. This feature will help you manage more domains or accounts with cPanel.

Create databases:

You can create new databases in the database section, set up MySQL, and access the databases with different software.

Add plugins:

cPanel makes it simple for you to add various plugins to your website. If you want to add more features to your site, with cPanel, it is easy to get different types and plugins to modify your site. Without cPanel, it is not possible to get your desired need.

Backup with any difficulty:

With cPanel, you can easily back up or restore without any difficulty. Furthermore, you cannot lose any data or files during the backup and restoration.

Gives you many updates:

cPanel is constantly updated and maintained. It helps you to keep your software improved and strengthened. cPanel offers updates daily, which means they are working correctly to keep your software stable and reliable.

It is cost-effective:

Many business owners preferred cPanel because of its cost-effective nature. But many companies offer a great deal on cPanel, which is not pocket friendly. So you should choose the affordable one, pocket-friendly and best suits your needs.

Navicosoft provides excellent and affordable services for buying a cheap cPanel license. Buy cheap cPanel license with fully-secured and reliable features and make your site flexible and user-friendly with this.

Discuss some types of cPanel hosting:

cPanel is a flexible and reliable control panel available on many hosting platforms. It would help to choose such a plan that depends on your needs.

  • Shared cPanel hosting
  • WordPress cPanel hosting
  • VPS cPanel hosting
  • Dedicated cPanel hosting

Why we need to use cPanel:

Knowing the important facts about a cPanel server is essential if you are imagining establishing an online business. Many people do not know about the cPanel service, features, advantages, and dedicated servers. Therefore, when we need to publish our website online so, we need cPanel because it can manage everything about your web hosting with cPanel. Moreover, the best and most crucial part about cPanel is that it is simple and well-maintained. It does regular updates and gives excellent security and reliability.

What things to consider when buying a cheap cPanel license?

Some essential things or points to consider before buying a cheap cPanel license.

  • You should select that cPanel license provider that gives you a cheap cPanel license with excellent qualities and a license that depends on your needs.
  • Get a cheap Cpanel license because it is essential for every website. It will take your site to the next level and provide flexible and user-friendly services.
  • Ensure that your cPanel license performs the services of the IP address types of your site. Types of IP addresses are: static, dynamic, internal, and external. Many companies provide the best-related services.
  • Cheap cPanel licenses are essential for every business, but if you have a great company, you need excellent services for your site. These services give you superb usability and help you secure your data with a cheap cPanel license.

Some reasons why we need to use cPanel:

Easy to use:

The best and foremost thing about cPanel is it is easy to use because of its user-friendly nature. You can use all the features and services without any problem.

Great variety of tools:

cPanel gives you various tools to make your web hosting great. The great variety of tools are:

  • Backup Wizard
  • Email accounts
  • Site publisher

Reliability and security:

Many businesses and companies prefer cheap cPanel license because of its reliability and security. However, it is essential to protect your site from hackers. cPanel has many security measures that protect your account, so you don’t need to worry.

Great features:

Through cPanel, you can attract your customers with advanced or outstanding features. In addition, the service providers help you enhance your website features and keep your customers updated with your services.


cPanel is one of the most crucial control panels and is highly compatible with other panels or software.

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