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We are Looking For a paid guest posting

Write for Pensive Blogs

The Basics

What’s in it for you?

We don’t take the number of requests we receive.

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  • The Winter Guide includes guides to major cities, national parks and skiing spots. We’re looking for comprehensive round-ups of winter-related destinations with activities that are cold, and specific suggestions that are based on personal experiences. Here’s a winter city-specific example, and here’s an National Park / skiing example and another.


  • Weekend Getaways in your state. We’re seeking destinations to visit in the state of a specific. Here’s an example. Here’s another illustration.


  • Day trips and weekend trips close to major cities What are the most exciting places to go near major cities? How can we help our readers step off of the beaten track? This is an illustration.


  • Auto-guided Walking Tours of Cities: If you were to create an itinerary for our readers to take them through the most interesting places in your hometown Where would you take them? What path should they follow and what should they stop at? Test your tour guide skills to the test and create an easy-to-guided walk for our readers! Below is an example.


  • Local’s Guides: Share with us everything you know about your home town! What can you do and go to and where you’ll be staying, where to eat, as well as insider tricks that only locals be aware of. This is an illustration.

Style Guidelines

  • Your writing is supposed to be funny and make us smile. Our goal is to find general humour and funny stories, that are told with humor and humour (but not like it in a cruel way). Are you a joker? Jokes are great. We also like throwing a punch (although we do our best to get the s*t out). If you’re a person who’s friends say you’re “the funny one” and as “the one to ask for travel recommendations,” you’re an ideal choice to Pensive Blogs. (And could we have a relationship?)


  • Your blog’s content should be extremely informative. “Pensive Blogs” is in our blog’s title for an reason. We’re all about simple and useful information. There’s a quantity of it. Whatever you write about, it’s important to take care to cover all of the angles and not leave questions that readers have to look up elsewhere. Our posts are a bit long. All the juicy details take up lots of words, not to mention the time spent researching and fact-checking. We’re setting very high standards on our blog at Pensive Blogs. Please join us in our stress-free circle.


  • Your article should be contextualized with historical context. We’re looking for you to go into the depths of your post beyond surface. Don’t simply give us the steps to take in a particular situation and then leave it at that. Let us know why you would suggest doing it, why it’s vital. We’d like to hear the story of the place you’re visiting and what has shaped the location that you’ll visit now?
  • At at least 3000 words at a minimum. We don’t publish short articles. We think that they’re not sufficient to provide the amount of information our visitors come to our website looking for (our customers are lot of geeks like us). like ourselves). Make sure to increase the length of your article and go for the long haul!


  • A brief bio of yourself. The readers would like to know more about you prior to diving into your blog, so make sure they have an overview of your bio, along with background information about you and the qualities that make you an expert on destination tourism! You are welcome to include your website, social media or blog on this page also (note that the links will not be followed unless you’re forgoing the writer’s fee). It is also possible to incorporate this into your intro and the conclusion section.


  • Include links to relevant other websites. If you include a business or attraction in your blog post it is mandatory to include the URL of their website (or an TripAdvisor review, or any other link that is relevant). You must provide enough pertinent information that you will require a lot of relevant websites!



  • You’ll collaborate with us for two rounds of editing. We have an impressive and knowledgeable editorial team who will assist you in enhancing your piece to conform to Pensive Blogs guidelines . We’ll work with you during a round of editing. You’ll know precisely what you need you should change and the reason. Our aim is to help you develop and enhance your writing abilities by doing the process of editing!

Things to Avoid

  • The expression “truly something for everyone.” Do not tell us that your location is suitable for all. We do not need to hear that. Absolutely not. Tell us why it’s the best for our readers specifically. (Our customers, FWIW, are millennials with no kids within the USA and travelling with a budget. They are attracted to responsibly-planned travel and cultural tourism, leisure and foodie travel.) If you find yourself typing “something for everyone,” immediately erase it and then write it again.


  • The expression “you’re sure to.” It’s a complete baffling thing. It’s just a passive-voice mix of words that don’t really convey any thing. Do not mention “you’re sure to enjoy the food at this restaurant;” inform us about what you’d like to eat, then provide a delicious description. The more precise and concise the more effective!


  • The expression “if you’re looking for” or “if you want.” We assume that the readers don’t know what they’re searching for or what they’re looking for. This is where you step in. Your job is to inform them of what they should do when visiting the location, instead of giving them options that are based on their own preferences. You are the authority and the most reliable source for information. Make sure you are firm in your suggestions!


  • Luxury. Our readers do not have that sort of skrill. So we ask you to leave your recommendations for luxurious hotels and resorts for someone else.


  • Activities which aren’t exclusive to your location. When you suggest the use of a museum, restaurant or tour, it should to be specific to the place you’re going to. Avoid recommending chains that are not local to your area or other chains, and refrain from proposing something generic like bowling alleys or zoo unless that bowling alley or zoo are distinctive and well-known in the area you’re visiting, like the historic duck-pin bowling alley in Indianapolis or the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.


  • Activities that are more appropriate for residents and tourists. What you do as a resident aren’t necessarily things tourists visiting your city might want to experience. Your local bar or your local grocery store are great neighborhood attractions however, you should consider whether they’re really worth recommending to a first-time visitor.

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  • In the event that your proposal is great match the editorial team of our site will get in touch with you to inform you that we’d like to take your pitch forward. We’ll send you an outline of the keyword you’ll need to build your post around. Make sure your article is in line with this keyword and the outline that we’ve provided in order to be in a position in publishing it.


  • The editorial staff will run about 1–2 rounds of editing to assist you in tailoring your article to meet our requirements. If, by the second round, your post isn’t as good as we want to see it, we aren’t capable of moving forward. We don’t want to force you to go through the hurdles if we’re not planning to publish your post however, please remember that it can occur.


  • When you’re done editing your post Relax and unwind! We’re busy adding the final touches to your article. We’ll contact you when it’s up and running and then you can send it to everyone you know
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