8 Benefits Of Using Serverwala VPS Egypt For Business

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If you are experiencing low speed and performance on shared hosting then you need to upgrade your hosting. Also, for better speed and performance, VPS Hosting is the best solution for online business. You can easily scale your website as per your need. The VPS Egypt comes at an affordable price with advanced security, high uptime, and 24×7 Customer support through e-mail, phone calls, and live chat. You will also get backup features to store your data in emergency situations. Here you will be able to know about VPS Hosting, the Benefits of using VPS, and the advantages of VPS for the Business.

About VPS Egypt

VPS refers to Virtual Private Server. VPS is a type of hosting service where you can host your website in Egypt. It comes at the cheapest price which offers several benefits to your online business. Also, it helps to boost the speed and performance of your website on the search engine which helps your business to generate more leads. It is mainly for online businesses such as web developers, software companies, game makers, e-commerce, and other businesses.

8 Benefits of using VPS Egypt for Business

Root Access

Egypt VPS gives complete root access to your own server. While using shared hosting, you need to take permission from the hosting provider to install the software and update the applications. But in VPS, you will get full control of the server. Therefore, you can update the applications, do the software installation, and do more things as per your requirement. 

Software Freedom

VPS Hosting gives freedom on software so that you can choose what operating system to use. In Shared Hosting, heavy resource applications are not permitted because they reduce the performance of other applications on the server. But in VPS Hosting Egypt, you will have the freedom to run any type of application as per the requirement it will not create problems.


It is an important feature that VPS Egypt provides to its users. You can increase the RAM of your server as per your website needs. In other hostings, RAM is installed physically on the server which may cause several problems such as having low traffic on site and other server issues. But, in VPS Hosting you can increase the RAM by clicking the button. It makes your server speed fast and it helps to perform better.

Guaranteed Resources

In VPS Egypt, you will get guaranteed control of the resources that are allocated to you. Also, you do not need to share resources with others on the same server. 


VPS Hosting Egypt offers a backup option in the hosting plan. Nowadays, online businesses are suffering from data loss issues and security problems. Many businesses are moving to VPS Hosting to keep their information safe and secure. Under VPS Hosting, you will get an automatic backup option to store your data safely. 


VPS provides better performance to your website in Egypt. It helps your website to load quickly on the search engine. Also, it assures that your website performance will never get down due to resource overutilization. While having high traffic on your site, using VPS in Egypt will not decrease the performance and will perform better to provide better results.


You will get advanced security for your business under Egypt VPS Server. It will protect your information from cyber hackers, malware, and other threads. Therefore, your data will be protected through DDoS protection, a firewall, Two-factor authentication, and more features under VPS Hosting.

24/7 Customer Support

The Egypt VPS Server gives 24×7 customer support to businesses. Therefore, if you are stuck in a server-related issue then you can contact the highly expert IT team of the hosting company at any time. The company offers several sources for contact such as email, live chat, and phone calls to solve your problems. Also, you can choose the language option according to your comfortability. 

Advantages of using Servervala VPS Egypt

Affordable cost

Serverwala VPS Hosting comes at an affordable cost. It provides complete root access, 99.9% uptime, better speed and performance to the website so that site can load easily in case of high traffic also, scalability to scale the size of RAM as per your business requirement, Advance security, 24X7 Technical Support, and more things under VPS.

High Uptime 

You will get 99.9% uptime under VPS Hosting in Egypt. It ensures to perform better in any conditions on the search engine. 


VPS Hosting gives full control on the server that you may not get on shared hosting. It ensures that you can pay only as per your business requirement. 

1 GBPS Network Speed

VPS offers 1 GBPS Network Speed to businesses in Egypt. It enables the visitors to access the site at high speed. Also, it helps to improve the performance of your website with 20x faster connectivity. Mainly, it provides customized configurations that will help to experience better results. 

Storage and Bandwidth

Serverwala offers large storage and bandwidth to online businesses under VPS in Egypt. It helps to increase the performance of your website on the search engine. Also, you can increase the storage and bandwidth as per your business requirement.


In this article, you have come to know about 8 Benefits of using VPS Egypt for Business. Many of the businesses are moving under VPS Server from shared hosting because it gives complete root access to the website, high speed and better performance, large storage and bandwidth according to the business needs, Scalability, High Security, 24X7 Support to solve the problems by the help of IT Team through live chat, email and phone calls.

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