The roof of your home is the most important for several reasons. It provides protection from the elements, keeps your home warm, and protects your home’s structure, among other things. Also it boost the property value, so it is essential to have a well maintained roof. There are many different types of roofing materials on the market, so knowing what to choose can be hard.

Roofing Materials Here are some common types of home roof materials :


Solar roofing type is one of the modern ways of roofing also it is considered to be an eye catching option. The best thing about solar roofing is that it helps to save money on your electricity bills, as it absorbs solar energy that can be further converted into power.

The drawback of solar roofing is that they are a little bit expensive and they take a long time to install when compared to other types of roofing.


Asphalt shingles are considered to be one the most affordable type of roofing type. They are one of the most classic roofing materials that you can easily see on most modern houses. The best point about them is that they are easy to install, easy to repair and easy to replace. As per your need you can choose a basic asphalt shingle to something higher-end like 3-tab or architectural.

Although, due to the way they are designed, you cannot consider them to be the most durable option for your roofing. They can last upto 30 years, that too depends on what they are exposed to.


This roofing type is one of the most used roofing types. Metal roofs comes in many different forms, like metal shakes and shingles, standing seam metal roofing, and stone coated steel. All the options of metal roofing are popular just because of their ability to keep the moisture away, and to provide the best UV protection.

The cost of metal roofing differs as per their roofing style. Also it is capable of withstanding the impact of hail and against water and fire.


Because of their natural nature, you cannot deny that slate roofing is popular enough. Slate roofing type is one of the most beautiful roofing type, also it is durable and can last for a long time.

The demerit of slate roofing is that they are heavy in weight and not all homes are strong enough to support the weight. Also they are expensive type of roofing, and they require an expert to install. Repairing slate tiles is also considered to be a difficult task.


Clay tiles are also one of the natural roofing types. It could be a great option for the homes in hot climates, because they absorb less moisture and they require less maintenance. But one of the major drawbacks of clay tile is that they are expensive. Although they offer some level of durability.

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This is also a type of roofing that is commonly used for homes. Concrete tiles looks like several other roofing styles i.e. like asphalt, slate, and even wood shingles. They are durable roofing as they can last upto 50 years, also it is a cheaper option. They also require more maintenance, especially because of water absorption.

ROLLED ROOFING One of the types of roofing materials you may not hear much about is rolled roofing. It is popular for low-sloped roofs, is quicker to install than traditional shingles, and is the most inexpensive roofing option on the market. However, with rolled roofing, there really aren’t color options to speak of–most are black, though you can find some tan, gray, and green options.


No double wood roofing is one of the most classic types of roofing material. Its advantage is that it is beautiful, rust free, durable and also energy efficient.

Although, wood roofing is a costly option, also with a higher installation and maintenance cost. Maintenance of wood roofing is also considered to be a time consuming task, it could also get severely damaged and ineffective.


Unlike the other types of roof materials, synthetic roofing is easily accessible and comes in a wide range of beautiful styles, including slate and cedar shake. What makes synthetic roofing the best choice is that it is virtually maintenance-free and a long-lasting option.  

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