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Team Kathy Announces to Run for US Senate

Kathy Szeliga has announced her candidacy for the Republican Senate nomination. Szeliga made the announcement at a press conference on Annapolis’ City Dock. She’s charming and smart. Her people in Baltimore and Harford counties appreciate her blue-collar upbringing and beliefs. Szeliga stated that her campaign will be focused on three primary areas: enhancing quality of life, security, and education.

At a press conference held at City Dock in Annapolis, Szeliga announced the news. She’s a clever and approachable individual. Her people in Baltimore and Harford counties appreciate her blue-collar upbringing and beliefs.

“My husband, Mark, and I eloped over 36 years ago. We had $5 in our pockets, were working low pay jobs, and didn’t own a car. ‘All you need is love,’ I guess we believed the Beatles “Szeliga explained.


Szeliga pledged to bring some common sense to Capitol Hill, surrounded by her family, including her parents, granddaughter Avery, and an impressive showing of Republican movers and shakers.

She said, “Isn’t it time for fresh faces and new voices in Washington, D.C.?” “Government has become too large, become too distant, and become too gridlocked. Nonetheless, they find time to whittle away at our liberty and increase our debt.”

Szeliga stated that her campaign will be focused on three primary areas: enhancing quality of life, security, and education.
Her main concentration is on repairing roads and bridges. She claims she would relieve doctors of the strain of complying with rules and paperwork. Strengthening homeland and community security is also a goal. She has a problem with people who depict cops as terrible men.

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“We need individuals who aren’t career politicians, who have worked in business and are involved in their communities as citizens. We couldn’t possibly do much worse than the group in charge now, can we?” Szeliga explained.

Szeliga will place a greater emphasis on vocational training than on obtaining a college diploma.

“My spouse works as a carpenter. He’s gained enough experience to work as a contractor. We’ve created a family in the building trades, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, so it’s disheartening to see educators dismiss such occupations “Szeliga explained.

Szeliga has a long history in politics. She was elected to the House of Delegates in 2010, and since 2013, she has served as the House minority whip. She formerly worked as the head of staff for U.S. Rep. Andy Harris in the California Senate.

In a statement, Harris said, “I’ve known Kathy for many years and know her to be a strong, smart woman from Baltimore who isn’t afraid to take on the political establishment to deliver real results for Maryland residents.” “In the United States Senate, Kathy Szeliga is exactly who we need fighting for us to restore power to common people who feel that the government is no longer on their side.”

Her performance in the General Assembly has received mixed evaluations, although Democrats have taken notice of her abilities as the Republican whip.

“She defies the system in Annapolis on occasion, but she is generally liked by both Democrats and Republicans,” said Nicholaus Kipke, R-District 31B of Anne Arundel County.

“In the primary, I believe she will perform quite well.” We all know she has a difficult general election ahead of her, but I believe she brings honesty, guts, and common sense to the table. Ellen Sauerbrey, a previous Republican governor candidate, stated, “She’s going to be a tremendous candidate and a fantastic senator.”


“It’s still a possibility,” Towson University Assistant Professor John Bullock remarked when asked if a Republican could win in a blue state like Maryland. Consider what (Gov.) Larry Hogan accomplished.”

Szeliga voted for Hogan for governor because she thinks she’s cut from the same fabric as him.

“There is a need for new representation.” They aren’t searching for career politicians; it’s just business as usual for them.

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