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Should I use steroids if I want to become a bodybuilder?

When starting your bodybuilding journey, you are faced with an overwhelming amount of diet and exercise plans and possible additional supplements. Consistent and appropriate muscle training coupled with a high protein and bulk-friendly diet can only get you so far. To build better mass and significantly boost muscle size, strength, and overall body endurance, you will need to have more growth hormones and bulking substances in your system, which is achievable only via the use of anabolic substances, also known as steroids.

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What are steroids?

Bodybuilding steroids, also known as Anabolic-Androgenic steroids, are artificial compounds consumed orally or injected, which promote the production of muscle-building hormones and increase the oxygen levels and blood flow in the system. Consequently, the consistent consumption of said drugs helps to push the body past its natural limit and significantly affects muscle growth and overall body strength. There are different types of steroids, with anabolic ones being the most popular. People also use weight loss steroids as they help in the cutting phase. You can find the top steroids at UGFreak.

Why should you consider using steroids?

Increased Muscle Gains

Anyone who uses steroids primarily increases muscle mass and bulks up the body’s physical aesthetic. Steroids are responsible for increasing blood flow and growth hormones in the body, significantly increasing muscle thickness.

Improved Stamina

Plenty of steroids also target the production of red blood cells and overall oxygen levels in the body. The enhancement in the oxygen flow results in a boost in stamina in the muscles, allowing for longer workouts and improving cardiovascular performance, which leads to effective fat loss and cutting.

Fastened Recovery

When a muscle is said to expand physically, it refers to the muscle fiber tearing apart and going through a natural healing process, which is boosted via steroids. Thanks to the decrease in recovery time, you can get back to working out faster and push yourself more during the workouts.

Significant increase in strength

Steroids not only help improve the aesthetics of the body but also develop strength and energy, allowing for more exertive workouts. Steroids help synthesize protein, the fundamental element stimulating gain, and general body strength.

How should you consume steroids?

Depending upon the nature of the steroid you use, there are three standard methodologies for including steroid intake in your routine.


Cycling refers to having a period in which you consume steroids followed by an equally long span in which you refrain from using any.


As the name implies, stacking steroids is consuming two or more steroids of different properties at once.


Pyramiding involves gradually increasing steroid intake until you reach a maximum dose, followed by slowly tapering the intake until the consumption is nil.

Planning ahead

Before starting your bodybuilding journey, you must decide your goals and expectations for your body. There is an abundance of steroids available on the market, each with its base compound.

What to choose

The choice solely depends on your experience with such substances and how much time you expect to see results. Depending on how long is your steroid cycle, the anabolic substance may be rapid-acting or a much slower one that may be stacked alongside other complementary supplements.


The bottom line is that steroids are artificial products that amplify the body’s development of strength and muscle-related hormones. Steroids should be taken in cycles with sufficiently long off-periods to make sure the body doesn’t develop a tolerance for the increased hormone production.

Preventing Side Effects

Steroids can have physical and mental side effects if not consumed appropriately, as they may hinder the body’s natural processes. Each supplement has its shortcomings, which should be compensated for.

For Athletes to Use

Athletes have been known to utilize anabolic steroids extensively, particularly those that place a premium on speed and strength in the competition. Muscle growth and fat loss are two outcomes that are highly sought after in competitive bodybuilding . Athletes are subject to testing because steroid usage in sports is forbidden. Canadian 100-meter Olympic champion Ben Johnson, among many others, tested positive for stanozolol and was subsequently banned. Professional sportsmen today sometimes steer clear of the more obvious steroid drugs in favor of ones that are more difficult to detect in urine and blood testing, such as natural testosterone and human growth hormone. Although masking agents have been employed with limited effectiveness, anabolic steroids are easily identified.

Labs are continually creating new synthetic forms of anabolic steroids, such as designer steroids and testosterone. It act-alikes, making it harder for sports-doping authorities to detect these chemicals.

Final Thoughts

When steroids are used orally or injected on a regular basis, they might cause the body to stop its natural synthesis of testosterone in the testes, which can result in the testicles becoming smaller. Because estrogen is also present in the aromatization route of the anabolic steroid metabolism. Males might develop gynecomastia, which is an enlargement of the breasts. It’s possible that breast enlargement can’t be stopped without plastic surgery. Users of steroids frequently turn to other substances in an effort to mitigate its effects.

If you want to build bulkier muscle and reduce the body fat percentage significantly, steroids are the way to go. Despite the lousy rep steroids get for being ‘artificial’ and ‘unnatural,’. The correct usage of anabolic substances can have many positive effects. There is a wide variety of possible substances you can take depending upon the goals. You may set for yourself, each with its respective cycling plans and preliminary cautions. Lastly, buy your selected injectable or oral steroids online from a reliable place, such as freak. This is your way to get real products at economical rates.

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