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Personal loan in UAE for expats without salary transfer  

The life of expats is not so easy and softened, because of the different lifestyle in abroad. When we talk about the life of expats in UAE, so everyone wants that kind of luxurious life. There can be many issues also associated with expats while staying over there, especially without their families. Single expats manage their whole things with their own hands, they may confront many circumstances in this other region of the world. Thus, they like to take personal loan in UAE to sort out their all private issues. 

Most of them are unaware of the various ways of obtaining a loan, therefore they may approach the wrong persons. They may be connected with private lenders as well, which may lead them in the wrong direction. Because loan-taking privately is an illegal practice in the whole UAE, so expats should think twice before going towards wrong side. The amazing banking system of UAE is suitable for expats also with the residents of UAE. numerous banks are proposing some extra privileges in addition to personal loans. Let’s talk about the various possible advantages for expats, connected specifically with personal loans in UAE.    

Personal loan for expats without salary transfer 

Several banks are giving the service without salary transfer loans specifically for expats. First of all, the age of expat candidate should be almost 21 years and not more than 60 years. The next thing is, they will get the interest rates in two main forms, constant and variable form. The very next thing is the bank of UAE, banks are providing loans without salary transfer facilities.  

Few names of such banks are samba, Emirates National bank of Dubai, Deem finance bank, Dubai Islamic bank, etc. All these banks will serve the private loan facility without transferring the salary into their account. These all above-mentioned things depend on the bank, where you trying to get your required personal loan. Because banks are playing the role of loan providers here, dream tech news provides which is completely the legal way of obtaining a loan.     

What is the amount of personal loans for expats living in the UAE?  

Well, it all depends on your bank, where you going to relate for your loan.  you should remember one thing, that the amount of loan for expats is not equal to the amount for UAE nationals. There is a difference in the range of both individuals living in this same region. For example, Dubai Islamic bank is giving a loan of 4 million AED to their natives. on the other hand, ex-pats will receive the amount of personal loan in the form of 2 Million AED from the same bank. So, the difference is very clear, the reasons behind such a scenario can be of many types by your loan provider.   

What things should be arranged by me for a personal loan as an expat?    

  • For a private loan, you have your real emirates identity with you in the form of a card.  
  • Bank will also want to check your exact location and Address in UAE, where you are staying right now. 
  • Carry the photocopies of your authentic and valid passport plus visa. 
  • If you own a car, so you have to bring your driving license. 
  • The preliminary record of accounts will be asked by the bank.  
  • Bank will review the history of your work experience, which will be mandatory in the papers of the bank. 

When it comes to Dubai’s best bank for expats, so the name “Citibank” is on top of the list. After that, many other banks in Dubai are also doing the same thing, for example, Mashreq bank, standard charter, RAKbank, etc. Citibank is offering so many offers and rewards, attached with that offers, only for the expats of Dubai. All the expats can open their savings accounts at the best rates in this bank.     

The procedure applied by Dubai’s bank is more reliable and trustworthy for expats due to the variations in financial services. They are even very satisfied with their bank services in Dubai. So, in simple words, Citibank is known as the best bank for expats in DubaiThere are many more financial products available to facilitate them like, ATMs, checkbooks, credit cards, insurance, various types of loans, etc. They will not face any type of complication while the money transfer process through Citibank. It will give them the easiest means of money transactions to the other countries.       

Essential papers for expats to open an Account in a bank in UAE 

Following are the most compulsory Documents to open a bank Account:-  

  • Expats should prepare themselves with the original passport with a minimum of two photocopies along with it. 
  • Showing a visa in front of the bank is also mandatory for all expats.  
  • Bank will ask you to show proof of your UAE address, for that purpose they will ask about your national ID card UAE.  
  • A salary certificate is also an essential thing during this process because the bank will also ask you to show proof of your job or business. Your monthly income will be considered in that case to judge your installment paying capacity.
  • You should also show your original driving license in front of the bank as proof of good driving. 

So, if you wish to apply for a Personal loan in UAE for expats without salary transfer, make sure all these things should be perfect.  



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