The Luck Dragon Falkor From ‘The Neverending Story’

luck dragon falkon

Do any of you remember watching The Neverending Story as a kid? There was no end to my obsession with luck dragon falkor. My dream was to own a luck dragon like Falkor. My favorite thing about him was always how cuddly and cute he was.

luck dragon

I am completely in awe of how unbelievably realistic and wonderful these small Falkor dragons are, which are designed by Ekaterina Gakman, the owner of GakmanCreatures on Etsy.


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As a result of the very time-consuming and labor-intensive process of handcrafting these Falkors, and due to the high demand for them, there is currently an 18-month waiting period to receive yours.

falkon white luck dragon

the white dragon

artificial dragon toy

Each individually created Falkor Luck Dragon costs $900 + $50 for shipping to your home.
From head to tail, he measures around 50 inches. Polymer clay, premium fake fur, glass eyes, and a wire skeleton make up the entirely handcrafted Falkor. He is also entirely poseable, which is incredible!

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