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MENA LEGAL is one of the leading law firms in Dubai. Founded more than two decades ago by a group of seasoned lawyers who had worked with large international law firms. But wanted to take their expertise to a smaller international boutique law firm in Dubai. 

Dubai plays host to a huge diaspora of businessmen and entrepreneurs. Who are constantly on the lookout for legal advice for starting a new business or startup? Therefore, the demand for experienced law firms in Dubai is constantly growing. 

MENA LEGAL has over two decades of experience in providing expert legal advice in the Gulf region. It has been in close contact with multiple regulatory bodies in order to ensure. The team is well-versed in the changing laws in Dubai. The international law firm’s clients appreciate the lawyers’ many years of hands-on business experience in advising international companies. With respect to their investments in Europe, the US, Asia, and the Middle East. 

One of the leading international law firms in Dubai, MENA LEGAL provides proven “One-Stop-Shop” value-added services through its Swiss Association, BREXENDORFF & ASSOCIATES (B&A), which boasts a formidable team of lawyers, tax experts, finance and business consultants, investment bankers, wealth management service providers, accountants, insurance experts, strategic consultants, and recruitment agents.

If you’re in the process of setting up a new business and looking for experienced law firms in Dubai to assist you with all the legal issues, get in touch with one of the experts at MENA LEGAL. 

lawyer in Dubai – Real estate lawyer in Dubai

The UAE is one of the most lucrative places in the world. Invest in real estate as it provides golden opportunities for investment growth. Real estate lawyers in Dubai are therefore highly sought-after.

If you are looking for experienced real estate lawyers in Dubai. You will find several specializing in the Hotels & Leisure, Education, and Healthcare sectors. Most real estate lawyers in Dubai are led by a team of bilingual lawyers fluent in Arabic and English. The leading lawyers in Dubai provide a comprehensive range of commercial real estate services.

With a particularly dynamic and constantly evolving real estate sector powering the UAE’s growth. All major legal firms in Dubai offer the services of real estate lawyers in Dubai.

With over two decades of experience in Dubai, MENA LEGAL has close contact with the governing authorities and extensive involvement in the real estate sector. It has decades of experience in dispute resolution. This allows real estate lawyers in Dubai to deliver a world-class integrated service to clients.

Real estate lawyers at MENA LEGAL offer a variety of services ranging from licensing and registration to conducting transactions, financing, sale, and purchase agreements, contractor relations, development structuring, zoning, and strata law compliance, escrow advice, commercial, retail, and industrial leasing, jointly owned property structures, compliance with RERA regulations, property management agreements, and litigation.

If you are looking for a real estate lawyer in Dubai to expertly handle your real estate legal requirements, you can reach out to MENA LEGAL and the specialized team of lawyers in Dubai will be glad to assist you.

Trademark registration UAE Trademark registration services in Dubai 

Setting up a new business in the UAE involves certain legal implications which require the assistance of an experienced legal expert to maneuver. Once you have established your business and developed an appropriate brand identity, the first and foremost process to protect the brand is Trademark registration in the UAE by filing the application with the trademark office in the UAE Ministry of Economy. 

Few are aware of recording the trademark with Dubai Customs and Intellectual Property Protection services launched by Dubai Economy. Many businesses think of trademark registration with the UAE Ministry of Economy and getting a trademark certificate. It will sufficiently protect their brands. However, once the trademark certificate is issue, brand owners. You should enlist trademark registration services in Dubai and register your brands with Dubai Customs, prior to lodging a complaint in the event of suspecting the presence of counterfeit.

As a leading international law firm operating in the UAE for more than two decades, MENA LEGAL has top legal advisors providing the best trademark registration UAE. By utilizing the legal expertise of MENA LEGAL for trademark registration in the UAE, you will save a lot of stress, time, and money. 

At MENA LEGAL, we secure and protect our client’s intellectual property rights efficiently. All of your matters are assign to at least one senior lawyer. Who is tasked with direct interaction on the issues at hand and management of the trademark registration services in Dubai? We speak the business and technical language of our clients while remaining focused on securing our client’s confidentiality. All legal matters are handled in a smooth and efficient manner, 

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