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How to Set up and Use Focus Modes on iOS 16?

Apple’s focus mode helps users focus on the task by removing distractions. It is accessible for iOS, iPads, and Macs. It can significantly increase productivity if it’s set up correctly. A few helpful improvements to focus mode make it more powerful and flexible while also making setup easier. Focus filters, the option to link Focus modes to particular Lock Screens, setting a unique Home Page, and other new features.

Focus Types

Apple suggests four different focus types.

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Sleep
  • Personal
  • Work

Additionally, you can create brand-new focus groups, including ones for reading, playing video games, being mindful while driving, and custom.

Although Apple (in iOS 16) offers suggestions for Focus Mode that are thought to be relevant apps and people within that focus, you can edit, replace, or make suggestions. However, tapping the Custom button is the most effective way to learn the fundamentals of customizing and controlling Focus.

Creating a Custom Focus

Apple has crammed every Focus creation tool onto one incredibly crowded page. We’ll establish a Custom Focus to comprehend the controls on the page. Open Settings and select Focus and choose Custom to accomplish this. You can choose a color and an icon for that Focus and give it a name on the following screen. Then select Next.

You will now see a long page with your test Focus’s name and icon at the top. The page has the following sections:

  • Notification
  • Options
  • Screen Customization
  • Automatically Turn on
  • Focus Filter


With iOS 16, you can now specify which users and applications you want to continue to receive alerts from.

  • You can choose who to allow by tapping People and adding more people by tapping the Add button.
  • Tap Apps to choose your apps, then tap Add to add each one after going through them diligently.


You will see different options like Show on Lock Screen, Dim Lock Screen, and Hide notifications badges.

Screen Customization:

To reduce the number of distractions you can choose a Lock Screen face or pick a specific Home Page in this field. Then, tap Choose Lock Screen to select an existing screen or create a new one from the Apple Lock Screen Gallery.

From the Lock Screen, you can also associate a Lock Screen with a particular focus.

Automatically Turn On:

Focus Filters When you arrive somewhere, when you first open an app, or at a specific time of day, some focuses are smart enough to turn themselves on. The options on this screen are all under your control. For example, when you arrive at work or open a particular work-related app, your iPhone can be set to switch to Work Focus mode automatically.

Focus Filters:

Focus Filters allow you to remove distracting content from apps that support the feature, including some third-party and Apple apps like Messages and Calendar. For instance, you can filter out all messages except those from the most critical contacts

It’s effortless to use; tap Calendar to choose which of your calendars to display, or choose Mail to specify which email accounts you want to receive messages from while in a particular Focus mode. The Focus filter is created by tapping Add.

Swipe between other Screens

Because iOS 16 now supports multiple Lock Screens, your iPhone can behave as if it were several different devices, which is an intriguing new feature. This enables you to swipe between screens, which may include various components or images, and be connected to multiple Focus types. In addition, you only need to touch and hold your lock screen to switch between your various screens, which may contain a different widget.

How to Schedule Focus?

In addition to swiping between various Focus setups via the Lock Screen. You can automate your Focus types; for example, a work focus only shows up when you’re at work. Additionally, you can activate a Focus or select a different Focus using Spotlight search. To do this, enter the Focus name in the search bar, tap the corresponding icon, and your Home and Lock Screens will update to reflect the Focus settings.

Devices will run iOS 16

Apple’s two recent software updates have been compatible with the same phones and support has extended up to iPhone 6s that first was released in the fall of 2015. However, in light of the amount of iOS 15 features that required advanced technology, Apple is cutting off support for certain older models of phones.

In reality, Apple says that iOS 16 will be available to users with an iPhone 8 and newer. There was a rumor there was a possibility that iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the original iPhone SE from 2016 would be unable to access iOS support in this update. However, we are able to take an iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus out of on the list of iOS 16-compatible devices. If you are not getting or unable to get this update try to reset iPhone or visit a Apple repair shop.

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