How to Make Custom Pillow Boxes wholesale

pillow boxes

You can use pillows for packaging. Packaging of Pillow boxes come in different shapes and sizes. They are often printed with different designs and artwork. You can use different types of cardboard to make them, too. You can even make your own box to store your pillows. In this article, you’ll discover how to make your own pillow box. It’s also important to know about the type of cardboard used to make these boxes. Here are some tips for making the best pillow boxes.

Custom pillow boxes

Whether it is for retail purposes, party favors, or even as an advertising tool, Custom pillow boxes are the perfect packaging solution. These unique boxes not only look attractive but also make packaging easy. You can choose from a variety of printing options and stickers to make your custom box stand out. You can even add a coating to increase its visual impact. The face of your business is the packaging, and custom pillow boxes will boost your reputation in a good way.

When choosing custom pillows boxes, you have the flexibility to choose the shape, size, and design that is best suited for your product. If you are selling a scarf, a simple designer logo will do just fine. Or, if you are selling an organic product, a box with an all-natural bullish-green theme will look more appealing. Custom pillow boxes allow you to add a window or handle, making them a one-of-a-kind product. The best part is that they protect the products from harsh environmental factors and other damage.

Products that can be placed inside of a pillow box

Pillow boxes are excellent packaging solutions for various products. They can be customized with vivid images and company logos. The various styles of these packaging boxes are available at Customize Boxes. These boxes are food-safe and can offer the perfect presentation for a range of products. The packaging option makes for a cost-effective packaging solution for lightweight products and can help increase brand recognition. Read on to discover more about the different types of packaging options available for pillow boxes.

Paper boxes are created using paper pulp that is separated from other materials. Then, it is processed into clean white fiber. Depending on the size and design of the pillow box, it can be used for different purposes. A pillow box can hold a jewelry box, business card, or small index card book. You can also include a small gift card and special items inside the box. For better results, measure the box length and width with a flexible tape. Hold the box vertically with your left hand and the other hand to get a good measurement of the length and width of the pillow box.

Types of cardboard used to make a pillow box

There are various types of cardboard used to make a pillow box, from high-quality duplex to fine white to corrugated. The choice of the material is largely dependent on the purpose of the box. Therefore, pillow boxes typically use high-quality grey cardboard, which has a smooth and matte white surface. It has excellent printing properties, and it can be folded easily. For quality pillow packaging, duplex cardboard is the best choice.

While cardboard is not the cheapest material available, it is the most durable. So, cardboard is also inexpensive and widely available. In addition to being environmentally friendly, cardboard can be easily adapted for this type of packaging. Pillow boxes can be printed with a company’s name, logo, colors, and patterns, as well as graphics. Custom-made boxes are an excellent way to promote a product and boost sales.

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Cost of making a pillow box

A pillow box is a useful and inexpensive way to package your pillows. They are made of cardboard and can be made of different types, including high-quality duplex and fine white card stock, corrugated cardboard, and even wood. The type of cardboard you choose will depend on the purposes you have in mind for the box. Generally, high-quality grey cardboard is used for pillow packaging, as it has a smooth, white, matte surface. Its high stability and process ability make it ideal for this application.

Therefore, a pillow box is a great option for both small and large businesses. They can be used to package a variety of materials, such as pillow cases and clothing. However, another great feature of these boxes is that they require no tape or glue, making them easy to use as packaging. You can also use these boxes to promote your brand name, as they have a front and back panel and two flaps. You can use your box to display your logo and message, or even add a personalized gift label.

Printing a pillow box

However ,there are many reasons to print a pillow box. Pillow boxes are a simple and stylish packaging solution. They use less paper than other box types and are available in various sizes and materials. In addition to their attractive appearance, pillow boxes can also be customized to include your company’s logo and brand name. Full color printing is available on both sides, or you can choose to leave it plain. A variety of printing companies offer a variety of pillow box printing options.


To get high-quality printing, choose a quality cardboard. There are many types of cardboard, including fine white and corrugated. However, The type of cardboard you choose depends on the intended use of the product. The most common choice for pillow packaging is high-quality grey cardboard. Therefore, this material has a smooth, white matte surface. High stability is a desirable quality for printing and folding. Duplex cardboard is the ideal choice for high-end pillow packaging.


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