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How to fix a running toilet without a ball float

Some people have trouble with modern toilets for the simple reason they’re not used to them. For example, if you’ve been using ball float type valves for years,

It may be disconcerting to see the new flushing systems on today’s toilets that use fill valves that are either hidden inside the tank or are positioned on the backside of the toilet bowl.

While some people need a little time to get used to this newer design, once they do most will be surprised with how well modern toilets flush and how much water you can save compared with other toilets.

How to fix a running toilet without a ball float

If your tank is too full and the water begins to spill over the overflow tube, you can quickly fix the problem with a few simple steps.

First, turn off your water supply. Next, lower the float arm at the top of your overflow tube using either its handle or a pair of adjustable pliers.

To raise it back up, hold onto the handles and slightly bend the arm up until the water stops spilling over into your tank.

Learn about Valve

It is therefore important that the float mechanism be installed on your toilet cistern at the time of installation to function properly and effectively.

A ball valve-type fill mechanism should be replaced with a soft-close fill that will flush your toilet without any noise or splashing.

This same mechanism can also be used in washing basins, bidets, and even in showers – consider replacing your current one with this easy-to-install singular gesture.

They are lightweight as compared to other mechanisms and hence require lesser pressure, while they drain out all sorts of sediments in a jiffy by adding more water whenever required without allowing any accumulation of waste products within the drainage pipes.

Changing the valve

Ultimately, it’s always best to consult with a professional when your toilet isn’t flushing as it should be. All too often, try-it-yourself create more of an issue than they solve.

So it’s in your best interest to speak with a professional before taking any actions that could potentially cause further damage.

If you do go ahead and start hunting for parts yourself, just keep in mind that a new filling valve usually costs close to $100.00.

So simply installing this part isn’t going to fix your problem if there is something else going on inside the tank or in the piping near the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Break off the old valve base

Examining your old valve thoroughly might take some effort, but it meets the benefit of making things easier for you in the long run. If the damage is negligible, this will be beneficial to you as a replacement will initiate more easily.

This gives you access to unscrew the Fill Valve from its base by pulling up on the tube within.

In case of a damaged or hardened valve though, you may find it necessary to use a different tool such as a screwdriver or even a hammer so that you can gain access inside. Here is guide glacier bay dual flush toilet keeps running

New Valve Position

The new Valve that you’ve been working so hard on is now immediately ready for replacement. In case you needed a reminder, a valve base is already in place, but we have an existing one if you need to take it off and start from scratch with your project’s first version.

To quickly push down the Valve all you’ll need to do is put your project’s base on top of the existing Valve base.

Next, just lock down the valve ring. The lock will keep the replacement tube secure as it’s placed into the overflow tube where water typically flows into draining a Floating Ball & Tank beneath it.

Check if it is working

Give your final touch. Check if the flush is functioning as expected by starting the main faucet. While the process might go wrong, there is only a very slight chance for something to go wrong.

Because of this, you should take your time to make sure that everything is working correctly. Any minor adjustments should be made at this time so that you can avoid any future issues.

Replace the valves completely

Every day, empty your toilet tank. Placing a container under the pipe leading from the tank to the bowl will make sure that no extra water runs down the pipe.

Then, loosen or tighten the screws with an adjustable wrench until you can lift the entire assembly out. This can be thrown away in a normal waste disposal unit as quickly as possible after taking out any parts that can be reused.

Such as a tube that fits snugly inside every 10 inches or so. As long as you align the rim of the tank with that of the float ball, you will not have a leak, flooding the ground.

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