How Check Shirts Never Went Out Of Trend?

check shirts for men

Check shirts carry unique designs and patterns, which is not common in other shirt types. It is available in different check patterns and styles. The shirt gives both a solid and classic look. The interest of men in check shirts is keeping it in trend. Besides the patterns, the checks are available in different preferable colour alignments.

Some have mixed match color patterns, while others have the same colour pattern. The design factors are letting the checks shirt for men sustain in today’s modern generation. This can be styled with different bottom wear and accessories.

Styling Ideas For Check Shirts

Today’s men believe in experimenting with the clothing style. The rise of fashion trends and design ideas is leading to style check shirts in different ways with preferred bottom wear. Along with this, for a completely fashionable look, cool accessories are also paired up. The top designers also come up with trendy looks for check shirts. You can easily get trendy check shirts under the best check shirts brands. Here are the top styling ideas for check shirts.

  • Check Shirt With Denim Jeans

Denim is the most classic way to style up your check shirts. Denim lovers are worldwide, and you rarely find someone who doesn’t prefer denim. It is the coolest and yet simplest look to carry. Even on the fashion ramp walks, you can see the models featuring in check shirt designs and denim. You can now notice how trendy the style is. The fashion experts suggest wearing the check shirt pulled off rather than tucking it.

When the shirt is tucked, the check patterns appear tight. When it is set free, the checks will appear more aligned. You can go for slim fit, dark or light denim jeans. A Checks shirt for men with solid colours goes great with light denim, and bright ones will correctly align with the dark. To complete the look, boots and sneakers are suggested. During the summer, carry this funky look with a cap.

  • Wear Check Shirts With A Suit Or Blazer

Ever thought of a formal look with check shirts? Men have the misconception that check shirts don’t undergo a formal look. When you know the right styling idea, your check shirt will give you the desired best formal look ever. You can pair your checked shirt with a plain suit.

It will showcase the right clash-up style. To make it look perfectly formal, you need to choose a thinner fabric so that it will form a sleek line when tucked in. Now, you can finish up the look with a pair of brogues or loafers in a brown colour. This look is best to carry out for official events and conferences.

  • Carry Layered Look With Check T-Shirt

The layered look of check shirts is suitable for college-going boys or while partying and hanging out. Just wear a t-shirt and pair it up with an unbuttoned check shirt. You can simply tie it around the waist. This is the coolest styling idea for the check shirt. You can carry the look both during the summer and winter time. Other than the t-shirt, you can button up the shirt and carry a leather or denim jacket. This will be the greatest mens casual shirt outfit ever. Better prefer dark colours over bright ones. You can complete the look with denim jeans.

  • Simple Button It Up Look

This is the simplest style statement ever for a Checks shirt for men. Just button it up and carry dark skinny jeans. Pairing it with deck shoes or loafers without socks will give a catchy look. This look is suitable for college days, dating and reunions with friends.

  • Try With Cool Chinos And Trousers

Why is it always denim jeans when you can carry the relaxing look with chinos and trousers? Chinos are a great option if you want to get rid of tight jeans and replace something more comfortable with checked shirts. Small and uniformed checks will pair up well with these bottom wears. Better don’t go for wider checks with chinos because it only looks good with jeans.  

How Are The Types Of Check Patterns Revolving In Trend?

  • Gingham

Gingham checked pattern shirts are even-sized checks. The patterns are horizontal and vertical in the same colour. This pattern type gives a versatile look and is worn in various settings. This trend has continued for decades because it can give both formal and casual looks. Under casual check men shirt online, you can search for this pattern.

  • Tartan Plaid

Tartan Plaid also has vertical and horizontal stripes but with uneven checks. The patterns of this check shirt are less colourful. It is recommended for casual settings.

  • Shepherds Check Patterns

Shepherds Check consists of alternate colour stripes to form a checked pattern. It may look similar to a Gingham checked shirt, but the major difference is that it sets against a twill background. The pattern is in trend in the workplaces for employees.

  • Graph Check Shirt

Graph check patterns are lines crossing to form small checks, which resemble graph paper patterns. It is solid with single-coloured stripes with windowpane shirts. The design is best for office wear.  

The check shirt never went out of the pattern, and it will stay in trend in the upcoming generations too. It is widely adopted in workplaces, official conferences, and educational institutions. Moreover, it is also suitable for hangouts. Therefore, it cannot be out of the fashion trend.

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