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Top 5 Plumbing and Electrical Issues in Homes:

One of the significant concerns regarding homes is safety from electrical and plumbing components because both can risk our life. It doesn’t matter whether the short circuit is big or minor, it has the potential to give you damage, so safety is always a prime concern, and it should be.

There are dozens of cases reported where short circuits made great destruction in houses, and resultantly numerous children died at such an early age, this is all our negligence that turns it into a disaster, we should not take it easy, today I’ll share 05 major plumbing and electrical issues in homes which should be resolved timely.

META DESCRIPTION: 05 most common issues of plumbing and electrical become critical if do not know about them and how to deal with them to avoid short circuits.

Major plumbing and electrical issues:

Water leakages:

Water leakages are frustrating and can turn into a great problem if not taken care timely, water leakages are generally found in pipelines, sinks, faucets, and tabs, it is common but problematic. The point is why these leakages occur and what to do.


  • Blocked drains often occur due to inappropriate care of pipes.
  • Fragile pipe joints do not control the water pressure and in case of overflow of water pipe bursts and your water supply is disrupted.
  • The extreme and rapid change in temperature also leads to contraction of pipe joints which weakens the build of pipes and ultimately cracks them.
  • Corrosion is generally found in aged pipes which are not supported anymore for the system and also affect the water supply.

Dripping faucets:

People ask this question (why my faucet is dripping and what should I do by myself ) here is the answer.


The common reasons for dripping faucets are,

  • A broken cartridge is the main part that controls our water flow this cartridge is delicate when particles come through the water directly from pipelines these particles damage the cartridge and your faucet starts to dribble, so take care of your water tank as well.
  • Your washer may be broken from somewhere this can also be the cause for the dribble of water
  • Overflow of water is a great cause of running faucets, check your water supply system to ensure that your water supply is normal.

Water heater:

Water heater failure is also common in homes due to certain reasons. Sometimes the water heater starts to leak from the bottom or disturb the hot and cold water supply.


  • Defective hot and cold water supplies
  • Broken drain valve
  • Corrosion inside the tank.

Running toilets:

A toilet is a daily use product that we use in our daily life and failure of daily use stuff sucks, some people use a toilet like a trash bin which could eventually clog the toilet there are also other reasons why toilets do not work properly and what leads them to a running toilet. Proper Bathroom Installation Southampton is also important, which further prevents plumbing issues in the bathroom.


  • Faulty overflow valve
  • Damaged flush valve
  • Damaged flapper chain
  • Disconnection of the toilet handle

Cracked water tank:

Everything has an age likewise your water tank also has its age after that you need to replace your tank, but what if you don’t, you might face leakage of your tank, stinky water and corrosion in different parts of the tank.
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  • Aged water tanks
  • Extreme weather patterns
  • Inappropriate care of the tank
  • Overflow of water in tanks.

Substandard circuit protection:

In most homes, people do not take care of their circuit protection, which is a bad sign, in some homes, people install( RCCB) residual current circuit breaker, which mainly manages the flow of current and prevents low current voltage if find any low voltage then automatically disconnects from the main board, this is a safety feature which is installed in homes to avoid any short circuit.

Lighting issues:

If you are changing your bulb frequently, then there is no fault in your bulb, the fault is in your circuit board which does not control the high and low voltages, and high wattage bulbs, and the other reason might be that your bulb is fixed tightly, or due to improper circulation of air that doesn’t let your bulb’s life to expand.

Escalation in electricity bills:

Escalation in electricity bills is due to broken wiring and circuits, leakages in electrical systems, or your electrical components being outdated, keep checking them if anything gets old, then change it instantly.


Overloading of current happens when too much current passes through your wires and is supplied to your home usage, these wires can melt and emerge a fire, which is very dangerous, and can fail home appliances, electrical devices, mobiles, laptops, etc. This happens due to improper installation of wires, no installation of RCCB, and short circuits.

Tripping of circuit breaker:

If many high-power-consuming devices are drawing power, then your electricity supply may get tripped. In case something happens like this, do not try to repair it yourself. Always call professional.

Always call an electrical mechanic or Local Plumbers Southampton for high-quality services to deal with electrical issues do not try to be smart. This is a current high voltage that can draw your blood in seconds, only professional knows how to tackle them. Stay away from the current.










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