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Gimkit.com Live – Gimkit.com join

Gimkit.com is a live-learning game show that may be used for both individual and group learning. Teachers and students may utilise Gimkit, an app-based digital quiz game platform, to learn. This is appropriate for both in-person and distance learning settings.

Gimkit was created by a high school student when they were working on a project for class. He developed an app that he thought would be useful in the classroom since he thought game-based learning was incredibly interesting.

What is Gimkit.com?

Gimkit.com A digital quiz game called Gimkit(opens in a new tab) uses questions and answers to help students learn. Students may utilise the platform on their own computers, tablets, or smartphones because it is compatible with a wide range of gadgets.

This system, which was created and is being maintained by students, is incredibly easy to use. Because of its simple controls, it is especially user-friendly for kids in grades K–12.

How Does the Gimkit Works?

After signing up with Gimkit, a teacher may start teaching right away. A Google account or an email address may be used to join up, with the latter being more practical for schools already utilising that service. This is especially true when rosters are imported. Teachers are able to assign both individual and live tests to the entire class after importing the student roster.

Students can participate in a class game by responding to an email invitation or by accessing the website. Or they can use a code that is made available through the instructor’s preferred LMS platform. All of this is controlled by a single class account that the instructor oversees. This makes it possible to operate video games as well as evaluate them and analyse their data, but more on that later.

What are Gimkit’s Best Features?

With Gimkit’s KitCollab mode, students and the teacher may work together to create the quiz before to the game’s start. This is especially advantageous when the class is broken up into groups since everyone gains from the work of coming up with really challenging yet pertinent questions.

Gimkit review

In-game currency is a great way to keep pupils motivated. Every correct solution earns you some virtual money. However, giving the wrong answer might harm you. Spending these credits on score-boosting power-ups and other improvements is possible.

Students may play to their strengths and create a distinctive profile thanks to the millions of combinations that are conceivable. Power-ups grant a second opportunity or raise the amount that might be earned for each correct response.

To increase the immersion of the quizzes, more than ten games are now accessible, and more are being developed. Examples include Humans vs. Zombies, The Floor is Lava, and Trust No One (a detective-style game).
Live games are great for the classroom, but the ability to give homework that can be completed at the student’s pace is ideal. It is still possible to set a deadline, but the student is free to decide when the work is finished. These are referred to as Assignments and are graded automatically.

When deciding what to focus on next, teachers may use their dashboards to assess student progress, earnings, and other useful formative data.

The fact that a student’s success in a game is evaluated apart from their academic competence in the workplace is a great feature. Ideal for those who may be aware of the solutions but struggle with the games.

Cost of Gimkit

Gimkit is initially free to use, with a limit of five pupils each game. Gimkit Pro has an annual fee of $59.98 or $9.99 per month. With complete access to all modes, asynchronous play, and the ability to create assignments and add music and images to your kits, you are given this privilege.

All Available Links of Gimkit/play

The latest incredibly polished and well-presented iteration of this project is an app that offers quiz-based learning in a number of ways. Additional games are planned to introduce extra alternatives for participation.

It’s unquestionably a fun way to study, but will it work for you? So read on to learn everything there is to know about Gimkit in the classroom.


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