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Ideas for Your New and Elegant Jewelry Collection

By the end of this blog, you will have many new ideas on what to do with your jewelry to be creative whether it is your Wedding Engagement Jewelry Ring, Stylish Choker Pendent Necklaces, or any other rings or necklaces. 

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Jewelry has been a part of human civilization for a very long time, with the oldest known piece dating back to 25,000 years ago. Over millennia and across diverse cultures, numerous aesthetics have come and gone, but certain fundamentals of jewelry design have persisted.

The current fashion that dates back at least to the 16th century is ring stacking. What is a ring stack and how do you construct one? Here are some tips for stacking rings that will assist you in creating your own fashionable ring stacks.



If you are interested in enhancing and constructing looks with unique and beautiful jewelry, then stacking rings will provide you with the ideal opportunity to experiment and be creative.

A ring stack is simply a coordinated collection of multiple rings worn on one or more fingers at once. This could translate to four rings on a single finger, eight rings on four fingers, or twenty rings on ten fingers.

Because wearing and styling jewelry is an individual and creative experience, it is entirely up to you how you wear your ring stack.


Sunburst and citrine gemstone statement ring

Don’t be afraid to have fun when designing your ring stack, or to regularly switch it up.

Though an all-gold or all-silver ring stack will always be a classic look, don’t be afraid to mix your metals. It can be a great way to make your ring stack work with the rest of your jewelry and provides you with countless options for creating your daily looks. 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect set of stacking rings as a foundation, it’s time to add more interesting pieces. Choosing rings with larger stones or wider bands is an excellent way to make your ring stack stand out.

You may select one or more gemstone stacking rings to add splashes of color to your collection. Alternately, add one or more statement or cocktail rings that truly reflect your personal style to your ring stack.

A daring way to make your ring stack stand out is to wear at least one ring on every finger. This option will add visual interest to your wardrobe. The key to accomplishing this is to possess a variety of ring sizes that fit your various fingers. Discover how to determine your ring size.

Possessing a diverse assortment of rings in various sizes will allow you to be more inventive with your ring stacks and to switch them up frequently.


Stacking rings is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys jewelry. At Simone Walsh, our meticulously crafted ring stacks will take your style to the next level.


When we make a deliberate decision about what to wear, we also make a decision about how we present ourselves to the world. We may also tend to dress according to our emotions. The clothes we wear may even cause us to adopt the characteristics associated with those garments.

This also applies to the jewelry you select, which you may choose to help you feel confident, beautiful, and unique. 

Whether you purchase it for yourself from adinaeden.com/ or receive it as a gift, a necklace with a pendant can be exceptional. Pendant necklaces were first worn as amulets or talismans during the Stone Age. Today, we continue the tradition by selecting jewelry that reflects aspects of our identities.

At Simone Walsh Jewellery, we are enthusiastic about providing women with jewelry to adorn themselves with. If you’re looking for a list of Australian necklaces with distinctive and meaningful pendants, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn all about the top ten pendant necklace styles that will help you express who you are and how you feel.


Moon and back silver locket necklace

Locket pendants are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Whether or not you choose to place something meaningful in your locket, it can be a great way to express yourself.

At Simone Walsh Jewellery, we offer a variety of locket styles, including the unique Moon & Back Locket Necklace. This necklace was inspired by the Victorian era’s romanticism and features stars etched on the inside and outside as well as a luminous moonstone set in solid gold.

This locket is ideal for storing a small photograph of someone you adore to the moon and back. 

Check out our collection of open locket designs, which do not contain anything but are nonetheless very distinctive and captivating pieces of jewelry.


Double tulip rose gold pendant necklace

The unique and gleaming hue of rose gold jewelry is synonymous with sophistication. Rose gold jewelry frequently makes a statement, especially when paired with contrasting hues such as dark green or white.

The design of our Double Tulip Rose Gold Pendant is delicate and luminous. It features a rose gold double tulip that is exquisite and luxurious in color.

It is strung on a silver chain to contrast the exquisite flower design. The pendant has a lovely weight, and it pairs beautifully with the coordinating double tulip earrings for formal occasions.

Whether you are dressing up or down, this pendant necklace is the ideal accessory.


Beaded necklace with silver stars and apatite gemstone beads that are blue

A pendant is beautiful on its own, but it never hurts to add gemstones to your necklace to enhance its beauty, especially when they complement an outfit’s color, sparkle, or texture. 

Our Stars & Apatite Beaded Necklace is a wonderful example of what happens when exquisite silver jewelry is combined with vibrant gemstones. The string of blue apatite gemstones on this beaded necklace beautifully complements the star pendants on this necklace. This necklace demonstrates that a pendant necklace can have multiple pendants.

Stars represent protection and are believed to ward off negativity. This item would look striking with black or white clothing, which would allow it to stand out on its own.


Necklace in solid gold with an evil eye motif and tsavorite gemstone pendant.

Yellow gold is always a beautiful color choice, particularly during the summer months. Gold is typically more striking when worn with tanned skin, breezy white blouses, and on the beach. However, gold can also be used to add warmth to your outfits during the cooler months.

Additionally, the pendant features an eye design. Eye amulets (including evil eye amulets) have long been worn as protective talismans and symbols of wisdom and love in numerous cultures.

The small pendant necklace is ideal for everyday wear and will make an exceptional present for an exceptional recipient.


Coral reef sterling silver pendant necklace featuring an ethical coral gemstone.

We always choose eco-friendly fashion items because we believe that looking good should cause as little harm as possible to our beautiful planet. Simone aims to design jewelry that is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible in order to assist our wonderful customers in making wise decisions. 

Take, for instance, our Coral Reef & Coral Gem Pendant Necklace. This necklace features an intricate coral reef pattern on a bold round pendant, representing the breathtaking reefs near Australia and throughout the world.

This necklace’s coral-colored gemstone is synthetic, so no corals were harmed in its creation. We adore the stunning appearance of coral gems and beads, but not the damage they cause, so this ethically-compliant alternative is an ideal solution.


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