Everything To Know About Companies of Motorcycles in India

Everything You Need To Know About Leading Manufacturers for Motorcycles in India

Which Indian automakers produce the top models for motorcycles in India? The experts have looked into the Indian motorcycle market for this post. And have compiled a list of the leading motorbike producers that are the most well-liked by consumers.

One of the few places on earth where nearly every second person has a two-wheeler is India. The market expanded by 12.9% in 2018; you can expect further expansion. India’s motorcycle industry has unquestionably shown itself as the auto industry’s saviour.

It still begs the question of which brands, among other things, are the most dependable, economical, or stylish. You will understand all of that and more after reading this article. These are India’s top seven motorcycle brands in India. They can provide you with the most dynamic and convenient biking options and motorbike accessories under your budget. 

Hero MotoCorp, Inc.

According to production volume, Hero Moto Corp. is the biggest two-wheeler producer in the world. These figures speak for themselves, making this motorcycle brand one of the best in India. The company recently made headlines by creating Splendor iSmart, the most fuel-efficient bike in the world. The bike has a range of approximately 102 KMPL.

In 1984, Honda Motors of Japan and Hero Cycles of India formed a joint venture named Hero Honda. After splitting off in 2010, Hero and Honda became rivals.

Honda Motorcycle

Because of its powerful engines and motorcycles that meet international standards, the Honda subsidiary has established itself in the bike market.

The Honda Activa, one of their most well-known and profitable products, has attained considerable fame. Honda’s best-selling motorcycles include the Shine, CBR, Navi, and CD 110. Honda motorcycles are great because of their renowned dependability and after-sales support. like, hornet bike price in india starts at rs. 1.34 lac which is affordable if you have decent savings. In addition, the costs are fair and inexpensive.

Bajaj Auto

The third most well-known motorcycles in India among the major motorbike manufacturers is Bajaj Auto, according to the experts. With its scooter line-up, Bajaj Auto long ago earned the hearts of consumers.

The CT 100, one of Bajaj’s best-selling motorcycles, has a reputation for being extremely fuel-efficient. Motorcycles from Bajaj are trendy for their durability. Their latest product introduction is their motorcycle, the Invincible, made from INS Vikrant pieces.

TVS Motor

People would initially refer to TVS as TVS-Suzuki due to its affiliation with Suzuki. In 2001, the business broke away from Suzuki and changed its name to TVS Motor. TVS is a wholly Indian motorcycle manufacturer. With over 2.5 million annual sales, TVS motorcycles are widely visible throughout India.

By incorporating the newest technology, they constantly add something new to their bikes that set them apart from the competition. Customers have always trusted TVS motorcycles because they offer the most extraordinary after-sale support.


The Yamaha Motor Company, based in Japan, has a division in India called Yamaha Motor. The firm has a 4% market share in Indian motorcycle sales and a 7.5% market share in scooter sales.

Each month, Yamaha India sells about 15,000 scooters. Because of the introduction of the YZF R1M and R1 racing superbikes, the firm has made headlines.

The company has several new goods in its line-up and predicts that India will rank among its top five markets by the end of the following year. Although prices are on the lower back, the cost of the parts required for after-sales service is high.

Royal Enfield

Motorcycle maker Royal Enfield is situated in India. The fact that it is the “oldest worldwide motorbike brand in continuous manufacturing” has made it quite illustrious. They specialise in producing bullet-style bikes and are well-known in India for this selection of vehicles.

Due to their durability and robustness, Royal Enfield motorcycles were first utilised by the army. Today, it has gained much popularity among young people, and many young guys favour this bike over others. Although their bikes aren’t the most expensive for bullets, the quality is excellent.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is an Indian automaker with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It started as Mohammad & Mahindra in 1945 before changing its name to Mahindra and Mahindra.

It is one of India’s top vehicle producers by volume and the biggest tractor maker worldwide. The young people love their most recent bike, the Mahindra Gusto. A popular product of theirs is the Mahindra Centuro, Mojo. Their bikes are among the most affordable in the nation in terms of cost.

Conclusion for Motorcycles in India

The Best Indian Motorcycle Brands are those mentioned above. Choose a bike from one of these producers, and you’ll be in good hands. However, the professionals advise buying the motorcycles in India from the company that best suits your demands.

The young set prefers the flashy sports bikes, while the rest choose a better-rounded, functional bike with excellent mileage. Your decision will therefore depend on what you require from your vehicle. The experts hope you have a better understanding of what these brands have to offer after reading this article.

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