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Whats the Difference Between Right & Left Twix?

Many people usually wonder, “Is there a difference between the two Twix bars in the same package? ”

In case you are unfamiliar with Twix, it is a candy bar containing a crumbly cookie covered in caramel and enrobed in milk chocolate. The bars are traditionally packaged in pairs.
In an advertising campaign started about 10 years ago, the makers urged customers to decide which of the two bars in a Twix package – labeled Right or Left – they preferred. The question everyone asked was, aren’t they the same?

What's the Difference Between Left and Right Twix?

Amusing obfuscation was the Twix marketing response. They claim that the right Twix bar “features chewy caramel with crisp cookies and velvety chocolate,” while the left bar has “smooth caramel with crunchy cookies and creamy chocolate.”

The company even started selling 2-packs of Twix labeled as “Two Left” or “Two Right”.
Is there really a difference between them? I don’t believe it is possible, but it doesn’t seem impossible either.

What is Right vs. Left Twix?

Chocolate bar Twix is made of caramel shortbread. The biscuit is covered with confectionaries and coatings. In each wrapper, there are one, two, or four bars made by Mars Inc. Twix was originally known as Raider in the UK, but made its way to America in 1979 under the name Twix. As it refers to a pair of bars and a mixture of ingredients, the word Twix may have originated from the words ‘twin’ and ‘mix’.

There are two types of Twix produced by the company: Right Twix and Left Twix. It is very popular among people of all ages in America to purchase Right and Left Twix. In 2012, Mars launched a marketing campaign where they engaged its customers to determine which Twix is better. Sales for the company have increased significantly as a result of these campaigns. So what’s the difference between them? Here’s what we found out.

Right Twix:

There is a cascade of caramel and chocolate on the right Twix.
In addition to being rich and crunchy, it has a crunchy cookie inside.

Left Twix or Right Twix

In the Right Twix, the caramel content is lower, and the cookie is darker in the middle.
Mars Company manufactures it in North America. White is the color of the Right Twix label on the red package. Due to its superior ingredients, it tastes great.

Left Twix:

In the Left Twix, chocolate is enrobed with caramel drizzled over it.
It also has a crunchy cookie inside, making it crunchy and sweet at the same time. The cookie has an extra layer of caramel that absorbs the caramel.

Are You Left TWIX® or Right TWIX®? Choose A Side | TWIX®

Mars Company is the manufacturer from North America.
A red color is used on the white label to indicate Left Twix.
Due to its finer ingredients, it also tastes sweet.

According to science what’s the difference between right and left Twix?

It was difficult to find 11 participants at short notice, so the statistical significance is not very strong. I believe it is possible that my results are due to a coincidence or a mistake. The odd sample was correctly identified by 5 of my 11, although the odd sample was incorrectly identified by 6 of my 11. Thus, I can confidently say: There is no difference.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you choose Left Twix or Right Twix, both are great chocolate choices. Left Twix is considered sweeter and crunchier than Right Twix by some due to its greater caramel content. The caramel dip is also left behind after biting into it. There are also those who claim the Right Twix is sweeter and crunchier.

However, most people insist that there is no difference between the two in terms of taste. What’s Left Twix and what’s Right Twix? At the end of the day, all of this depends on your palate. No matter which of the two you choose next time you visit the store, it’ll be a great experience. Your preference will determine what you choose.




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