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We Create Custom Cake Boxes To Meet Your Needs


Custom cake boxes are the ideal bundling answer for your cakes. Chances are, you’ve seen custom cake boxes previously and thought they were wonderful on the grounds that they are! These bundles make flavorful treats look considerably more delicious by giving them a rich last little detail. The most amazing aspect? Modifying a cake box configuration is simple and reasonable. Peruse this blog to figure out how to get everything rolling planning your own custom cake box today!

Step by step instructions to Create An Impressive Custom Cake Box


The most vital phase in making a custom cake box configuration concluding size you want. Encloses come different shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to pick the one that best suits your cake. On the off chance that you don’t know which size to pick, most makers offer formats on their sites that will assist you with beginning.

Bundling Materials

Bundling is a significant piece of conveying the cakes to clients and saving them for a more extended time frame. For this, you should consider utilizing the best bundling materials like ridged cardboard or great paperboard that will give the strength and toughness expected for the protected transportation of your lovely manifestations! Bundling Bee offers an assortment of bundling choices that can go with the astonishing cake bundling thoughts.

Here are the best choices for you to look over:

Ridged Cardboard:

Ridged cardboard is one of the most famous pressing materials utilized in cake box fabricating. It’s solid and sturdy, so it can deal with the anxieties of transportation. It’s additionally dampness safe, which assists keep your cake protected and dry during with moving.

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Paperboard is one more incredible choice for cake boxes. It’s solid and sturdy yet lightweight enough to be handily shipped. It’s likewise dampness safe, settling on it an incredible decision for cake boxes.


Kraft Paper is an extraordinary choice for cake boxes. It’s solid and strong yet lightweight enough to be effectively shipped. It can likewise assist your cakes with remaining protected from dampness harm, which is particularly significant throughout the mid year months!

Cardboard With Windows:

Window Boxes are ideally suited for flaunting your delightfully beautified cakes. They arrive in various sizes and styles, so make certain to pick one that matches your cake’s size and shape.

Fine art And Design For Cake Boxes

cake boxes

Whenever you’ve picked the right size for your cake and bundling material, now is the ideal time to begin planning. You can get truly imaginative with your custom cake box configuration, so have a good time! In the event that you’re not a craftsman or don’t see yourself as shrewd in any capacity, that is OK the magnificence of an exclusively printed cake box is that it needn’t bother with to be great. You can involve a wide range of pictures and plans for your case, or you can let us know what you need, and we will make a hand craft for your cake box with a logo.

In the event that you don’t know where to begin with customized cake boxes, the following are a couple of thoughts:

  • -Pick a picture that mirrors your cake’s flavor or topic
  • -Integrate the shades of your cake into your plan
  • -Use text to add an individual touch
  • Furthermore, you can definitely relax, on the grounds that Packaging Bee is here to do all of this for you!

Here Are The Packaging Designs and Style Options That You Can Avail:

There are various choices in box styles to show your cakes alluringly while guarding them from harm and soil. These case styles are accessible in various shapes and sizes to address your issues. Following are a bundling plans that you can benefit to pack your cakes:

Cake Slice Boxes:

These are the most well known kind of cake boxes and arrive in different shapes, including square shape, square, and three-sided. They’re ideal for showing single or various cuts of cake.

Layer Cake Boxes:

These crates are planned explicitly for layer cakes. They have an underlying separator that keeps each layer of cake safe and keeps them from remaining together.

Cupcake Boxes:

These are wonderful cake bundling thoughts and are ideal for cupcakes or other little pastries. They arrive in different sizes, and some even have a window on the front so your clients can see their tasty treats before they get them!

Cake Rounds:

Cake adjusts are the ideal answer for moving layered cakes. They come in various shapes and sizes, so make certain to pick one that matches your cake’s size and shape

Specially crafts:

In the event that you’re searching for something somewhat more exceptional than what we offer here, then exploit our custom cake box plan choices! We can make a plan for you that mirrors your cake’s flavor or subject.

Window Boxes:

Window boxes are ideal for flaunting your perfectly enlivened cakes. They arrive in different sizes and styles, and some even have an unmistakable window on the front so clients can see their treats before they get them!

Box Decoration:

printed cake boxes
You can likewise profit of box adornment administrations where you can put pictures or logos of your cakes on the crates that will certainly feature the magnificence of your cake while holding them securely. There is various choices like emblazoning, laser cutting, and so on, for adorning your cake boxes.


Decorating is an incredible method for adding an additional detail and style to your printed cake boxes. It includes utilizing a kick the bucket shaper to make a raised plan or example on the outer layer of the container. This adds an exquisite touch and makes your cake box with the logo stand apart from the opposition.

Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting is one more famous choice for box enhancement. It includes utilizing a laser to remove plans or examples from the outer layer of the case. This gives your cake box an extraordinary and current look that will intrigue your clients.

Cake Boxes Are The Perfect Way To Show Off Your Cake Creations

Cake boxes are an extraordinary approach to move your cakes and hotshot their excellence securely. In the event that you’re searching for the ideal cake box configuration, consider our wide choice of layer cake boxes, cupcake boxes, or windowed cake boxes! We likewise offer hand craft choices so we can make a plan that impeccably mirrors the subject or kind of your cake. What’s more, assuming that this actually appears to be excessively overwhelming and you need assistance with the plan, we additionally offer box design administrations. You could actually put pictures or logos of your cakes on the cases that will definitely feature the magnificence of your cake while holding them securely! Bundling Bee offers different bundling choices, for example, creased cardboard and kraft paperboard as well. For more data about our cake boxes and how they can help your business, get in touch with us today!



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