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How Old Is Speed | IShowSpeed Bio, Age, YouTube Career & Profession

Ishowspeed is a well-known American Youtuber who streams games on the application. On YouTube, he has over 1.16 million subscribers.On the Twitch app, he has over 88.3k followers. Based on the famous birthdays’ website, Ishowspeed is 16 years old, but it is only a guess since the YouTuber has not made his age public. Find out more about this YouTuber by reading on.

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is the Young YouTuber? - Techie + Gamers

Speed, formerly known as Darren Watkins Jr., is the face of IShowSpeed. While the pandemic was in full swing, he posted videos about games and some aspects of his personal life without knowing his channel would receive millions of views.

As a child, Darren Watkins Jr. was passionate about gaming. Additionally, it is popular on other social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter. On his YouTube channel, Darren is known as Speed, who regularly posts NBA 2K gameplays and tutorials. Currently, he has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

In the United States, Speed is a well-known YouTuber, social media celebrity, and businessman. There is no doubt that Speed is one of the best gamers in the country. Aside from his official YouTube channel, he is also famous for his videos.

In addition to Roblox, Resident Evil 7 Bio-Hazard, and Lunch Lady, Ishowspeed also plays video games. He has a worldwide YouTube ranking of 18,780 according to hypeauditor, and a gaming ranking of 1,422.

Name  Darren Watkins Jr.
Profile Name  Ishowspeed Or Speed
Date Of Birth January 21, 2005
Age  17 Years Old As Of 2022
Residents  Los Angeles, California, Us
Nationality  American
Height  5 Feet 8 inch
Weight  65 Kg
Date Of Joining(Youtube) March 22, 2016,
Total Videos  1082
Schedule/Status  Twice A Week/Active
Net Worth  $500000 To $1 Million


How Old Is Ishowspeed? Age Revealed

The age of Ishowspeed is believed to be 16 years old.
On January 21, 2005, Ishowspeed was born, according to famous birthdays. The US state of Michigan is where he was born.However, the YouTuber has not confirmed the age.

Speed Personal Life and Family:

Due to Speed’s lack of disclosure, his family information is kept under wraps. His parents had a hard time understanding what he would do as a YouTuber. His mother reacted coldly when he reached 100K subscribers on YouTube, which made him resentful.

It was rumored that Speed was dating Ermony Renee, but he is single. On his YouTube channel, he posted a video where he clarified how his girlfriend dumped him and had an affair.

Youtube Career And Profession:

In 2016, Speed launched a YouTube channel. It wasn’t his intention to make a career out of these videos at the beginning. His clip was uploaded to NBA 2K18 in 2018, but it didn’t do well at the time. Delivering food to elderly people was Speed’s job at a nursing home.

ishowspeed - Twitter Search / Twitter

A friend motivates him to upload content on YouTube about what he loves. As a result of the lockdown, Speed had the opportunity to begin his YouTube career. He then began uploading NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 videos. He gained a good amount of viewership. In order to stay relevant on YouTube, he did live streams. Among the games he played were fortnights, five nights at Freddy’s, and more.

In order to get more attention from the viewers, he has also created an album titled “What Else IShowSpeed”. Due to unfitting lyrics, his song “Shake” became aggressive. His YouTube channel and curating music are all he is focused on to gain more love and support from his viewers. He gained millions of subscribers in just two years because of his entertaining content and live streams.

IShowSpeed Net Worth And Lifestyle:

The majority of Speed’s income comes from his YouTube ads, which is very unique. His YouTube career has earned him a significant amount of money. As of 2022, Dareen’s estimated net worth is $400,000. Despite the fact that most people may not be aware of his YouTube channel, Speed has over 2 million subscribers. In addition to paid promotions, TikTok, and merchandising, the company also makes money from paid promotions. The album he released and donations he received during his live streams have helped him gain wealth.

Final Thoughts:

There are some fascinating facts about speed’s personal life, career life, net worth, and how old he is. He has been a passionate gamer since he was a child. On his YouTube channel, Speed posts NBA 2K gameplays and tutorials that have gained him high popularity. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms also use it. Thus, over 10 million people have subscribed to his YouTube videos.



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