Can you fail a DVLA medical?

A Notifiable Medical Condition (NMC) is one that has been identified by the Department of Health to have national or international significance, and is capable of being notified in accordance with statutory requirements.

A Notifiable Disease (ND) is one that is Hgv medical bilston officially recognised as having a potential to affect people’s health and may cause illness and death if untreated.

Notifiable Diseases include a range of infections, including: Tuberculosis, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Influenza, Malaria, Plague, Rabies, Cholera, Polio, Lassa Fever and Hepatitis E, which can be highly infectious and fatal if untreated, as well as other communicable diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) and influenza that can kill or seriously harm if not treated in time.

Notifiable Medical Conditions (NMCs) are those that have been diagnosed and reported on a regular basis to the Department of Health and have been determined by the Department to meet the criteria of a notifiable condition.

The first category is Communicable Diseases. These are infectious diseases that are spread from person to person through body fluids and contact with infected persons, animals or contaminated fomites. This category includes Tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis B (HepB).

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