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Braces Colours – Put Multiple Sparking Colour in your Life!

Decided to straighten your teeth to improve the look and feel of your smile? Excellent! We would like to start by congratulating you on your decision. It truly is a huge step in self-improvement and will transform your life in so many ways.
You have a couple of choices now that you’ve decided to go ahead with treatment.

Choosing what color to accessorize your braces is one of the most exciting decisions in your smile journey. It is important to choose the right color for braces since most patients spend a minimum of 18 months wearing them.

It’s important not to feel pressured; your orthodontist can change the color of your braces during each visit, which usually occurs every 4-6 weeks. Where does the flare come from on braces?

How Braces Get Their Colors

You can imagine a mouthful of braces as a machine, with many parts that work together to improve the appearance and shape of your smile. Each bracket is made up of brackets, archways, metal bands, and rubber bands, also known as elastics. Patients can accessorize their smiles by using colorful elastics.

It is possible for some people to minimize the visibility of their braces by using ceramic brackets. Despite the fact that ceramics blend in well with your teeth, they don’t allow for much creativity.

Not only is the bracket slightly more durable with typical steel braces, but you can pick the colors that you want to decorate your mouth with. Your teeth can be colored in a variety of ways using elastic bands. Feel free to get creative! Moreover, each time you visit the orthodontist, the bands will be changed so you won’t be stuck with one look. Stay seasonally-appropriate by changing your style every 4-6 weeks!

How do I Choose the Colour of my Braces?

For a better understanding of the different colour selections, please view this page before visiting. On the spot, deciding the perfect colour is sometimes a bit of a challenge. You can choose from a variety of modules in the picture below. Every time you visit the practice, your braces’ color will change, so there is no right or wrong answer, just the colour you’ll have for a while.

Can I have a few Multiple braces Colours?

Yes, of course you can. You can make it look better by alternating colors. In some cases, we even use rainbow colors, which look amazing and will stun your friends. What does it look like when you wear rainbow braces? Take a look at the picture below and imagine how your teeth would look like that.

Rainbow braces colour picture

Rainbow Colour Braces

Does it really matter to you what colour your braces are? Our ceramic brackets make the braces nearly invisible, and they look great with them. Ninety percent of our adult patients are treated with this.

Clear Modules on 6 Month Smiles

Clear Modules on Full Orthodontics

Black braces colour picture

Our patients often ask for black braces so much that Dr Jack is compelled to do them. He really dislikes them 😉 How do you feel about black braces?

Black Colour Braces

Blue braces colour picture

It’s cool to have blue braces, but what do you mean by blue? A kind of teal greeny/blue, it could be light blue, dark blue, or a kind of teal blue. Our current blues are shown in the following pictures. It might even be a good idea to alternate dark and light blue between each tooth.

Light Blue Colour Braces

Dark Blue Colour Braces

Navy Colour Braces

Pink braces colour picture

Pink braces are not always worn by girls. It is not uncommon for our male patients to get pink braces because they are betting with their friends (truth!) or because they simply like the color. The type of pink you want depends on whether you are looking for dusty pink, fluoro pink, or a darker shade. Each of them looks great!

Pink Colour Braces

Hot Pink Colour Braces

Red braces colour picture

I’m having a hard time with this one. In our opinion, red looks good, but it looks like blood in your mouth. There’s something strange about it. If you are looking at this colour from a distance, it is not as pleasing as the others. We can make red braces for you, and they will look like the picture below. Perhaps it’s a good choice if you’re not going for the vampire look.

Orange and Red Colour Modules

Purple braces colour picture

There are many shades of purple and they are all cool. There are light purples, plums, egg plants, and dark purples. You will enjoy eating it because it stands out fairly well and looks great in your mouth. At the moment, our clinic has a lot of patients wearing this color braces. Purple braces have been selling out the quickest this month, and we can always tell which colour is popular.

Purple Colour Modules for Braces

Magenta Coloured Modules for Braces

teal braces colour picture

Our patients have been very fond of teal last year. Once upon a time, this color was on every fourth or fifth patient, so it must have been in high demand. In some cases, the teal can also be placed in a chain link pattern on the braces to close gaps between teeth. As a result, the color stands out. Our teal colour is also used to match the team color of Port Adelaide Power fans. It looks great to alternate teal and black. Inquiring if he wished to have white braces as well, I asked him if he wanted them. There were white teeth…

Teal Colour Braces


Alternating colours braces. Port Power braces

Green braces colour picture

Alternatively, ‘kermit green’ can be had. It is a bit retro, but does stand out well and does not look like you have food on your teeth, unless you assume it is the same color as lettuce. There is a lot of interest this year in fluoro or lime green colors. This is the colour to choose if you really want to stand out.

Dark Green Colour ModulesLime Green Coloured Modules for Braces

What Colors Are Best and Which Should You Avoid?

Personal preference plays a large role in deciding what color to choose. The majority of patients choose their favorite colors, or something that coordinates with their outfits. Those who wear colors matching an upcoming holiday may go the festive route. There is no shortage of options, but there are a few colors that pair well with most smiles.

It is common for teeth to appear whiter when they are painted with dark colors, such as the deep blue in BRO’s logo (hint, hint). The natural yellowish tint inside your enamel is accentuated with lighter colors like white or gold. It’s probably best to stay away from yellow and gold unless you’re representing your school team.

Colors to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Most of us know that dark colors make your teeth look whiter, but what about bright colors like pinks and reds? However, they often complement a tan, which usually makes your teeth appear brighter as well. And don’t just think that you have to match a bruise to make your teeth shine一cool tones like light blue and silver work wonders for the perceived whiteness of teeth.

You should brush and floss regularly throughout treatment, no matter what color you choose. Though it can be difficult and time-consuming to care for your teeth while your braces are on, your smile will thank you for all the hard work!


It is just as important during treatment to maintain your oral health, no matter if you choose different braces colors you choose. Regular brushing and flossing, as well as avoiding whole apples and bone-in meat, are recommended.

Every orthodontic option is available at our practice, and our knowledgeable staff will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one. As a family-owned and operated business, Blue Ridge Orthodontics is passionate about improving the quality and appearance of every smile.

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