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Biometric Recognition – Bringing Innovations To The Table

The landscape of automobile industry is rapidly changing as biometric recognition technology is bringing various transformations. While incorporating sensors, user interface, and artificial intelligence this sector is opening doors to new experiences for both drivers as well as passengers. With all these innovative measures to drive convenience comes high chances of fraudulent activities. Criminals are also using advanced technologies to commit automobile theft, automatic car locks in case of suspicious authorization, and much more. 


In order to ensure a secure and enhanced user experience, the automobile industry requires efficient biometric security solutions. With robust AI-powered tools in place, dealers can upgrade the overall experience of drivers. This blog covers insight into how biometric identity verification is shaping landscape of automobile industry.  

Ways Biometric ID Solutions are Bringing Innovations to Automobile Industry 

The automobile industry is predicted to cross $225 million in worth by 2027. This tremendous growth increases risks of cybersecurity, consequences involved in driving, and overall road safety. Where biometric recognition is enhancing the drivers’ experiences, other threats are forcing automobile manufacturers to give the innovation a second thought. Keeping this in view, industry is employing efficient AI-powered biometric screening technologies that mitigate chances of fraudulent attempts in first place.


Moving on, vehicles tend to go online with transformations like safe remote start-ups, in-car payments, keyless unlocking, fingerprint start, myriad passenger safety benefits, and other hands-free features are sure ways to upgrade the drivers’ experience. More benefits of biometric ID solutions for the automobile industry are in next section. 

Keyless Unlocking – Vehicle Well Know the Real Driver

Car keys have been used to unlock vehicles since early times. They not only serve as identity proof but also provide all control to the real driver. However, in case the key is lost, individuals are sure to face a long-term hassle and risk of theft. Similarly, the use of bluetooth to protect vehicles is not enough. It is easy for criminals to gain access by committing cyber-attacks. This way they can control door locks, ignition, and even the breaks of a particular car. 


Therefore, the automobile industry needs to incorporate efficient biometric recognition technologies in their vehicles to restrict hackers’ access. With tools like face, voice, fingerprint, and iris recognition, drivers can ensure security as well as comfort. 

Biometric Technology – Enabling High Levels of Customization

Where biometric security systems ensure security, they also allow vehicles to identify drivers on their own. This further increases the level of customization for owners. This technology allows touch-less radio settings, seamless toll or fuel transitions, and easy mirror adjustments. 


With built-in facial recognition, the vehicle can authenticate drivers’ profiles and grant them access to features like making payments, switching to favorite playlists, and much more. However, in case of imposters are trying to access vehicles, biometric recognition systems will not allow them to unlock cars.


Moving on, the use of biometric technology in automobiles to an advanced level may sound futuristic however, manufacturers like Tesla are already making this a reality. While deploying technological advancements and innovations within the vehicles come greater responsibility of securing the overall experience for both drivers as well as passengers. Therefore, deploying biometric screening tools demands the following key considerations.  

  • Identity Verification

Driving a vehicle requires government-issued licenses which draws a line between legit drivers and criminals. Automobile manufacturers using biometric ID cards and other document scanners streamline the identity verification process. With efficient AI-powered solutions in place, the need for a third party to validate information can be minimized. 


Moreover, drivers can unlock and drive their cars. Similarly, with biometric recognition chips in cars, traffic wardens can also verify individuals in vehicles.

  • Liveness Detection

This is an integral part of biometric identity verification for automobiles. Where document verification provides authorized access, liveness detection makes sure that drivers behind the wheel are who they claim to be. 


Moreover, biometric recognition ensures that the individual is not showing a pre-recorded video in front of the camera. While analyzing surroundings, liveness detection also provides an additional layer of accuracy to voice and facial verification. 

  • Safeguarding Data Privacy

The use of biometric screening in automobiles drives security-related concerns for owners. Undoubtedly, data is breachable which requires manufacturers and sellers to deploy a consent-based framework. This way they can bring flexibility to dealing process while safeguarding data of drivers. 

Concluding Remarks

Since digitization took over, the automobile industry is experiencing various technological shifts. Vehicles are becoming supercomputers on wheels with a variety of sensors to ensure legit drivers are accessing the car features. Similarly, biometric recognition is driving wireless connectivity for both passengers and owners. This way, the automobile industry is making car-accessing and driving safer than ever before. Moreover, biometric screening checks further eliminate fraudsters committing vehicle robbery and the chances of cybersecurity breaches.  this is the best service that can be opt-in in 2022.

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