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Best Ways to Invest $100 To Make $1000 A Day

Making money can be a difficult task nowadays because of tough market competition. However, the internet has brought endless opportunities for creating an independent life!

Here you not only learn skills but can also avail the advantage of investing in those skills. So instead of wasting your time just planning a business, start working for it. The following are some tips for those seeking ways to work from home.

Several people are making the “invest $100 make $1000 a day” YouTube videos. However, how many of them can you rely on? After all, even the elementary level learners who are ready to take risks want a safe place to invest.

Earning online seems like a challenging task from the surface. Convincing clients online, submitting many samples daily, and editing and revising stuff daily. All this sounds excruciating at first. However, once you develop at a reasonable rate, hiring people and delegating tasks is no big deal!

Financial Literacy – Read Books  

First, before investing your skills, you should have sound knowledge of the financial opportunities. One should be aware of a basic framework to make intelligent investment decisions.

Reading books based on wealth and finance has the potential to transform the way you think about money. Books teach you to think differently from the worldwide phenomenon of “saving” to multiplying it for the future.

The best thing about such writings is they give you examples from real-world scenarios. In this way, you can train yourself to deal with a problem in your finances. Training yourself beforehand can significantly help you to invest $100 make $1000 a day.

Some examples of finance texts include A Beginner’s Guide to the stock market and The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham.

Remember, as a teenager or adult who has just graduated. You have more learning potential. You can learn and apply things and develop a connection better.

Earning Online

As said before, the notion of earning online is more trendy and easy to get along with. There are countless work-from-home opportunities you can try. For instance, some in-demand skills are SEO content writing, graphic designing, or Vector design on freelance platforms.

But whatever of these you choose to work on, the first step is to train yourself for it. For that purpose, one may take design, coding, and web development courses from sites such as Udemy/Coursera.

This might look like a time-consuming process, but these courses are really cheap. Some of them even ask for less than $9 or maybe free.

And online earning is a good place to start since online marketing is developing and growing quickly. E-commerce businesses are currently looking for people to manage their websites.

You can become a website designer who earns nearly as much as $127 a day or a full-stack developer making $300 per day. The best thing about online earning is that you also have the option to work all by yourself without having to report to a boss!

Many individuals work for branding services that can hire them for any work when needed. Thus, it is a valid contract but also working as a freelancer at the same time. An example of such a nature of work is writing eBooks that someone might later buy.

Best Investment Opportunities To $100 To Make $1000 A Day in 2022

#1) Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a prevalent and widespread business concept now. All you have to do here is make a website and advertise a brand’s products. Choose some B2B platform to order these products from.

You won’t be ordering these for yourself but directly for the end consumer who will pay the price you wish! This way, your provider will get the cost, and you will be making an easy profit.

The best areas for this business technique are Amazon and Alibaba. You begin this business by searching for a product such as a camping chair or a hair drier on B2B platforms.

And then, you study the quality, price, and any competitors of the product manufacturers. This information will finally lead you to a cheaper version of the product but one fit to make a good profit.

After buying it, you then market the product on your website. In this way, you can invest $100 and make $1000 a day in just a few months.

As your business progresses, you might have to strengthen some areas, such as building connections with shippers or managing your website nicely for your business to function smoothly. But the thing to remember is that marketing is a crucial task, a science in itself.


  • Easy work-from-home income
  • No hassle of maintaining inventory


  • Searching for reliable clients can be hard

#2) Invest in Stocks

If you are a US citizen, you must know that you are not eligible to invest in stocks until you are above 18. But if you are older, the financial markets can pave the way for you.

Before getting your feet into such markets, you need to have intense research on these financial institutions rotate in the actual world.

Further, one should also have a proper idea about stocks and how he or she can diversify his/her portfolio so that there are minimum chances of loss and money is saved with the most financially stable companies.

A good portfolio reduces the risk of your investment failing and makes you risk averse. The S&P index can provide the information you need for such risks. Moreover, you can also get the help of investment firms to sort out your portfolio.

There are multiple options to invest in, such as company stocks, futures, or indexed funds. Talking of bonds, so studies have shown that government bonds are more secure than private bonds.

Although investments can be as large and small as possible, people usually start with $100. You can easily invest $100 to make $1000 a day via the stock market in your country.


  • Easy help of investment firms
  • Passive income


  • Risk if there is economic uncertainty

#3) Make an Online Course

One of the most common and famous ways of earning through work from home includes designing online courses. The prerequisites include graphic skills such as graphic designing or web designing.

Moving on to this notion might also require some investment for getting your videos edited or for paying to the app where you will upload your videos. Such apps include Linked to Learning, Skill Share and Edx.

The idea may sound hectic, but it’s fun to do besides having little investment requirements. Plus, it has the potential to generate passive income.


  • You can even use a personal skill
  • Uploading a course is very cheap


  • If the course design isn’t proper, the effort is in vain

#4) Write an EBook

Those who love to write can quickly write fiction, non-fiction, or historical fiction on whatever platform, such as Wattpad. And every time an individual purchases your EBook to read, you earn.

Or, if you are not good at writing narratives, don’t think this opportunity is useless for you. As a computer science or medical student, one may take some time to write informative books concerning some common queries of students.

Then you can go on to promote these on your blogs or other best digital agency. As your skills improve, you might be able to make even more than $1000 a day. Beginning with a charge of $8-18 is a good start.

It can work even better for you if you publish a sample for free so that people are attracted to pay for your text.


  • Writers can write in fun and also earn
  • There are many platforms for such work


  • you might have to pay for an account

Bottom Line: 

These are key business ideas in our “invest $100 make $1000 a day” list! Remember, only when you focus on one type of business can you succeed in it. Don’t try to become a jack of all. Instead, Focus!

Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson
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