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Are Three Months of Home Study Enough to Ace the IELTS Exam?

Only if someone sticks to the appropriate approach can three months be considered an excellent amount of time to prepare for the IELTS exam. In recent years, the proper method for studying for the IELTS exam has already been well known online. This essentially entails using the proper study tools, finishing the practice exams, and obtaining professional advice. The majority of test-takers frequently put in arduous preparatory work with the help of experts. There is no doubt that consulting pros can significantly improve your exam preparation. But one can also decide to study at home for the IELTS test. We’ll go into detail about some key tips that can help you study at home for the IELTS exam.

Anyone, from either an English-speaking or non-English-speaking background, may master the IELTS exam with three months of dedicated study time. The appropriate study materials and honest efforts to stay on the right path are all you need to ace the IELTS exam. Continue reading this article with a focused mind to learn more about this.

Your hard-earned money could be wasted if you book the IELTS exam date in a hurry. So, before choosing your exam dates, take a few important steps. Before choosing an exam date, check your performance on the sample papers and mock exams. 

Utilize the following advice to thoroughly prepare for the IELTS exam in three months:

Regarding the reading portion 

A person’s ability to read English will be evaluated in the reading part. The main area of emphasis in the reading portion is his capacity to correctly understand English-language literature. All you need to do to ace this section is develop excellent reading abilities. You need to work on expanding your vocabulary consistently and understanding the sentence structure. Rewriting the article that was published in a reputable newspaper can work wonders for you. Choose a newspaper item and read it cover to cover. Close it after that, and then rephrase the lines. You might also think about some well-known works that are readily available in stores or online. Reading popular newspapers’ articles and books might help you develop strong reading skills

Regarding the writing portion 

The writing test is used to determine a candidate’s level of English language writing skills. You must try as many of the online sample papers as you can if you want to succeed in this section. learn about the types of questions that will be on the test. You’ll see that the questions are essentially testing your ability to respond to a situation effectively in writing. Additionally, stay away from practicing cursive writing to ace the test. Instead, concentrate on writing legibly and in the appropriate format. Spend a few seconds prior to starting the paper organizing your thoughts. Get the sample papers evaluated by professionals or someone who is fluent in English after you have finished solving them. 

Regarding the listening portion 

This part will test how well you understand English by hearing. Basically, you need to increase your capacity for understanding what is said to you. So that your brain can function properly, you need to soothe your nerves. Because of their anxiety, several candidates report having a shun mind while listening to the audio. However, you need to prepare for this circumstance by doing some listening exercises in English. You have a wide range of options at your disposal if you want to develop your English language listening skills. such as listening to podcasts, movies, songs, and English-language interviews, as well as audiobooks and podcasts. To ace the section, you basically need to become familiar with how to pronounce the words in English. 

Regarding the speaking portion 

Do you have shivers when conversing in English with others? If so, don’t panic; the advice in this paragraph can greatly increase your confidence in your English-speaking abilities. You don’t need a friend to practice your speaking, though. Instead, when it comes to preparing for the speaking portion of the IELTS exam, reflection can be your best ally. As you would while speaking to your best friend or an interviewer, talk to your reflection. Use Google Assistant to communicate in English as well. Keep in mind that learning English is difficult if you don’t speak it. 

Obtain the best resources and diligently practice. 

You will benefit from investing time in the best study materials to acquire the vocabulary and grammar standards. The Oxford Guide to English Grammar and the Oxford Dictionary is the best resources for enhancing vocabulary and English grammar, respectively. Don’t forget to use the vocabulary and grammar you have learned from these sources as well. To make examples of the grammar rules and new vocabulary you’ve recently learned, get a pen and paper. 

Before scheduling the IELTS/PTE exam dates, get proficient in English vocabulary and grammar norms using reliable study resources. Also, check the official website of the organization that will be administering the exam for the appropriate exam dates. 


If you practised consistently in the appropriate way, passing the IELTS exam is not difficult. Additionally, memorize five words from a dictionary that are well-known among professionals. If you follow this routine every day, you can accumulate about 450 words in three months.

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