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A Language Service Provider’s Guide to Translation Project Management

Why do some language service providers never run short of localization projects?

Why do their clients keep coming back to them, irrespective of their pricing, or long waiting hours to get the response?

Well, there are many different ways to look at it. Smart marketing, loyal customers, or maybe just incredible project management. In the end, it all boils down to how well you go about a localization project to achieve the best outcomes. An experienced language service provider understands the importance of holistic project management, where no one is cutting the corners, and everyone is mindful of their duties.

So, what is the secret behind remarkable project management that fuels the fire in your team, and carries out everything in a more systematic way?

We have come up with the 5 best project management tips that every language service provider can use for effective localization project management.

Project Management Tips for Language Service Providers

Below are some essential tips that would help project managers better understand their role in effectively managing translation projects. So, let’s get right into it.

Essure Seamless Communication with Clients

Understanding the project at hand is probably the biggest challenge for an LSP. Your overall approach towards project management is greatly influenced by how well you have understood the requirements of clients. If there are gaps in communication, you might miss out on critical project goals that your client wants to achieve. Thus, good project management always starts with seamless communication between you and your clients. Make sure you leave no stone unturned to get a clear vision of your localization project. It’s only possible when you have a one-on-one discussion with your client.

Every project needs your undivided attention, and you’ve to treat it differently from the rest. Unfortunately, most LSPs are only managing the project on a superficial level, they don’t want to get deeper into things and only care about completing the tasks. So, LSPs who really listen to their clients go a long way with them.

Establish Streamlined Processes and Workflow

Once you have gotten a clear picture of your project and what clients actually want to achieve. It’s time to do some real work and get everything in place by establishing proper translation workflow and processes. You have to get things in order and develop an organized structure to handle the everyday localization tasks. Make sure your workflow is optimized and streamlined. Otherwise, you may face complications and errors through your project management journey.

Automating your localization processes would make project management much easier and less time-consuming for you. It would make your work hassle-free and help you achieve your localization in the quickest turnaround time.

Assemble An Experienced Team of Experts

Your project management is as good as the people handling it. So, you better hire only an experienced professional to work on translation management projects. To manage your translation project, you would need experienced translators, developers, designers, and project managers. You have to design a talent recruitment process through professional assistance, so you could hire the right resources. Always hire people who have good experience working in your industry and niche, it would save you from a lot of trouble. Moreover, when you hire experts, you don’t have to spend time training them on how things work in localization project management.

For translations, it is important to hire native translators only because they can better understand the cultural and linguistic nuances. You can also hire remote employees who would work from outside the physical premises of the agency.

Work With Professional Translation Management Software

Lack of technological innovation can be a major reason why some LSPs are unable to achieve the desired outcomes. You must bring in professional translation management software for the smooth and effortless management of translation projects. MT tools in your translation management platform would help you easily manage large volumes of translations quickly. These tools also take care of the overall translation quality, so your translation files are error-free and accurate. All of this can be done with minimal human intervention. It means these TMS tools can allow you to manage your localization projects more cost-effectively and faster. TMSs are quite efficient to help you get away with project management hassle, or you can also use a separate project management platform for this. However, you can easily find many translation management software that provides project management facilities. It would help you work on your translation project from one platform only.

 Outsource Excessive Work

There is one common mistake made by project managers when it comes to managing translation projects. That is, they resist outsourcing processes from third-party service providers and keep putting more work on their in-house staff. Just to save up some costs, they keep piling up excessive work on employees, which only leads to frustration and job dissatisfaction. Being an LSP, you have to do your best to keep your employees in a good mood to improve their performance. So, it is important for you to outsource your processes from another project management platform if things are unmanageable. There are many reliable online resources that can assist you in managing your heavy workloads. This way, you will be able to complete your translation management work on time without causing unnecessary delays. So, you can make both your employees and customers happy and satisfied.

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