7 statistics about business card boxes!

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Business card boxes are worth buying along with the business cards to put them safely inside them. Moreover, it helps firms organize these cards and leave an impact on clients. These boxes are usually produced using green material like pressed cardboard, bux board, or kraft paper stock. Brands or businesses can get these boxes in the size of the desired stack for business cards to keep at all of their outlets. Moreover, printing the brand or firm information over these boxes with offset printers would adore clients more effectively. Logos displayed using the embossing technique would also become more prominent and help in branding purposes.

According to some stats, around 27 million business cards are printed every year. Businesses usually order these cards in thousands every few days. Several of them know the importance of getting business card boxes as well for them. However, you would find several wrong statistics as well about them misleading the brands or corporate firms. These boxes have a huge potential to increase the chances of winning new clients. It becomes possible with the several positive traits they own. Let’s know about the 7 statistics and misconceptions about them that you should not believe.

Business card boxes quality is less important

Some entities give more importance to the quality of the business cards only. Even some of them do not care about the quality of these cards and consider them less important. Such entities often ignore the quality aspect of the business card boxes as well. However, the fact is that the quality of the boxes carrying these cards has the same importance as that of the business cards. Business cards are usually printed over cardstock paper that could become fragile in a humid environment. It is common that they could get humid because of the AC running over the workplaces. Only good-quality boxes could protect them in such a situation and preserve their aesthetics.

Not worthy for the small businesses

Another myth that people believe is that custom business card boxes are not beneficial for small businesses. They believe the utilization of such boxes is only fruitful for large-scale businesses. However, the fact is that these boxes are more fruitful for businesses operating on a small scale. Large-scale businesses are often already established, but the startups need to grab clients to convince them to avail of the services. Small businesses can print all the primary details over the boxes as well. People visiting the site would definitely inquire about the services listed over these boxes and show their interest. It would increase the possibility of winning new clients.

Grabbing the simple blank boxes is fine

Another gossip you need not believe is that using simple boxes for storing cards is completely fine. Usually, it comes from those that believe they need boxes for business cards but denies the importance of printed business card boxes. You should never believe over it as blank boxes could miss you with several possibilities that could have turned the game in your favour. Your small startup business can get branding advantages with the use of these boxes for business cards. Getting them printed with the logo of your firm and slogan would impress people. Seeing the personalized boxes for the personalized business cards would indicate your professional attitude.

Business card boxes are an additional expense

A common perception about these business card boxes is also that they are a waste of money. Some people consider it a waste of money as they think that it is also possible keeping these business cards in the table drawer. However, it is the biggest mistake that one can make. Displaying the cards over the table would always trigger customers to ask for one, so they could easily contact you to avail of the services. Using these boxes is necessary for such situations for arranging the cards in a decent manner. Benefits it provides like the branding and marketing of the business are far more beneficial than a few Pounds spent on them.

Customer impression is limited to business cards only

Thinking that only the business cards make a brand impact on consumers is wrong. The custom boxes used to store them are equally important to fascinate the prospects visiting your office or outlets. Never believe this statistic as you could lose with the huge edge that it provides. People visiting your site could remember anything but the custom boxes for the business cards on your table would recall their experience. They would start thinking about the professional approaches you are following in every manner. Eventually, they would end up with a decision to give a try your products or services. Moreover, it would also make them a strong advocate of your services and attitude in the business domain.

Getting boxes for business cards is against green moves

People nowadays are much conscious about the impact of every doing on the environment. Several seminars conducted on this factor are playing a critical role in this regard. Therefore, some entities recommend skipping the packaging where possible. However, getting the cardboard boxes to store and display the business cards is necessary. On the other hand, these boxes are not everlasting as they are recyclable to create new boxes again. Moreover, the cardboard material also gets decayed easily naturally within a short time.

Raises the timeline to get the business cards

A threat of the delay in business cards because of getting the printed business card boxes is also a not to believe thing. People fear the delay in getting the ordered business cards if some important meetings or business exhibitions are around the corner. However, it is not true in these modern times when technology has improved a lot. Advance printing technologies like offset printers do not take much time to process thousands of boxes in a couple of minutes. A better packaging firm can provide you with these boxes along with the business cards in the shortest timeline if you are in a hurry.

Believing over all these mentioned statistics is not beneficial for your business. Availing the business card boxes would increase the success chances. It helps in branding the business and creating an image of the professional business entity in the market. It would ease the process of grabbing new clients and making the meetings more fruitful.

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