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6 Hot IT Trends That Will Change The World

Large corporations, small companies, and just ordinary IT users – everyone is trying to keep up with the rapidly changing trends in the digital industry. The need for remote work, the increased volume of mobile traffic that has grown due to the huge amount of stored data, and the lack of computing speed are the main driving forces of the digital revolution. So, the world of information technology is evolving at a fast pace. It will be ever-growing because the world is going digital.

With future projects in mind, everyone wants to be at the forefront. The digital world and online market places will only ensure it. So, better disrupt yourself online soon.

After analyzing all of the above factors, the programmer’s library has identified several relevant technology areas that a beginner should consider in the coming 2023.

Development and Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is present in almost all segments of the industry as mentioned in the previous CIO summit and conference. It effectively automates processes and improves productivity in the following areas:

  • AI devices connected to a person help to analyze the history of his illness and offer a treatment model for each individual patient.
  • Creation of useful tools for business. Development of popular AI platforms such as Anaconda, TIBCO Data Science, and others.
  • The number of unmanned vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence is growing rapidly.
  • Advanced software development. Here, due to AI, the speed of creating applications increases.


Blockchain is a popular technology that helps users protect data from cyber-attacks. Inside it lies decentralized storage and distributed recording of transactions, based on cryptographic methods of information protection, allowing to exclude an intermediary. This field has so much to offer that we would maybe never fully get hold of it. Some people confuse it with only crypto currency, but it is much more than that.

Blockchain is gaining momentum and is increasingly being implemented in projects in areas such as healthcare, banking, education, and more. Thanks to Blockchain, cyber threats are almost impossible. Decentralization with this approach is provided by transferring control from a centralized unit to a distributed network.

The implementation of such logic becomes vital, because now the data will be stored in different places, and the access of cybercriminals to them will be reduced to zero.

5G Networks

5G is a next-generation cellular technology that offers exceptional connection speeds.  By 2024 5G networks will cover 40% of the globe, handling 25% of all mobile traffic. 5G will help companies improve big data analytics and accelerate the AI ​​wave by introducing network segmentation, and offering better bandwidth and coverage. Data transmission here is fast, efficient, and reliable thanks to high-frequency radio waves. 5G is a total disruption but efforts need to be made to make it accessible for everyone at a low cost too.

With its help, effective communication of automatic vehicles with the Internet, the painless introduction of virtual reality, and the Internet of things into all spheres of human life are ensured. The high-speed data transmission present in 5G will allow users to receive and transmit data at the same wavelength, which greatly increases the peak data transfer rate (up to 20 Gbps).

Low-Code And No-Code Platforms

Low-code and no-code solutions are a new way to smartly code. This trending approach to development is quite popular among small businesses. Users are attracted by the intuitive visual interface, simple logic, and drag and drop as a key control tool. This concept reduces the developer’s need for specialized technical skills, thereby speeding up the software development time.

With such platforms, applications are built almost twice as fast by easily integrating the tools built into them with the existing business methods of each individual user or organization. This approach reduces the need to attract qualified resources and build a complex logical structure of corporate programs.

Smart Cyber Security

The world of cybercriminals does not sleep! Modern scammers are developing ever more sophisticated methods to steal user data. Therefore, cybersecurity plays a critical role in protecting applications and networks from ransomware.

Traditional methods are being replaced by advanced ones. And here it was not without artificial intelligence, which provides a number of advantages. AI is able to analyze huge amounts of data at lightning speed. This not only allows you to detect security threats in real time but also to predict them through risk modeling.

Smart methods and effective cybersecurity algorithms will protect users from phishing attacks, cloud data leaks, IoT hacks, malicious ads, and other bad malware.

Robotic Process Automation

The concept of robotic process automation (RPA) has achieved high levels of efficiency through machines and algorithms. According to estimates, global revenue from the sale and maintenance of RPA software in 2022 reached almost $2 billion.

The technology will save users from routine everyday processes, thereby significantly speeding up development time. More and more organizations are using it in their work. Such a demand for technology gives a powerful impetus to the development of robotics and its introduction to the masses.

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